Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Early exposures

Nowadays, the kids are very lucky indeed...quality of life has improved a lot since Malaysia was born...communcation technology has advanced so much and machines made travelling faster...which means the world has virtually become smaller and the remotest place on Earth is no longer so remote. As a result things chage very fast and the past is fast disappearing.

I wanted the kids to get early exposures and experience on life in other parts ofthe world, near and far...other countries, other kampongs or other continents. As described in past stories, they have been to Egypt, Mekah and Madinah...once for Faiz and Thaqif and twice fo Dini.

Where else have they been??? Faiz and Dini were once in Japan, when their uncle was working in Nagoya. They were there for 10 days and the uncle brought them around Japan...of course Tokyo Disneyland and around Tokyo. Of course we were not there!!!It was the best time to go to Japan....there is so much to learn from the people of the land of the rising sun.

All 3 had also experienced visiting Indonesia...Jakarta, Bandung & Puncak. It was during one of my working trips to Jakarta and we took the opportunity to see the country....chaueffer driven!!They visited the Ci Ater hot spring, Tangkuban Parahu volcanoe, the Safari at Puncak etc...loved the place and I'm sure they learnt different sets of values from that trip.

They had also visited southern Thailand during one of the visits to Nenek's kampongs. This include coverage of araes such as Haadyai, Songkhla, Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala & Betong. Again....there were different things to see and learn.

Apart from those family travel, Dini had also visited Turkey with the grandparents when one of the granduncle was an army attache in Ankara. That was the time when she performed her umrah when she was eight!

We will continue to travel and encourage has countless benefits. We've seen the hard lives of Thais and December we plan to expose them to the luxuries of Singapore and we hope they will continue to learn about life, people and geography.


Uncle said...

Wow...syoknya jalan-jalan. Ada terpikir nak pakai "personal butler" tak? Errr, I'm available!

DadaIQ said...

TQ for the offer, tapi macam tak mampu ajer. Kalau penyamun-penyamun tarbus Uncle tu, bolehlah consider...hehehe.

MrsNordin said...

Faiz was so cute when he was younger. He is actually my favourite, you know... maybe because he was always very excited whenever I came around visiting your house dulu2.

I like his picture pakai baju Jepun tu. So cool.. And that picture with Ultraman, where was it taken?

DadaIQ said...

Faiz looked so much like a chinese boy when he was young! Lengkap dengan mata yang sepit. Tapi sekarang he looks much better.

Gambar dengan Ultraman tu was taken in one of the shops in Narathiwat!!! Kedai tu penuh dengan ultraman with all sizes. Kalau Nizar pegi, mesi dia tak nak balik!!!! I saw a few human size ultraman at Nilai 3 today!!!

Madam Tai Tai No More said...


It is true what you said. Visiting places outside one's own comfort zone is truly an eye-opener for the kids as well as us adults. It allows us to appreciate the diversity of various cultures, customs and religions of other races/nationalities. It also opens our kids' eyes to poverty, underdevelopment, wealth or overdevelopment of other nations.

I believe my kids have learnt a lot in their travels too, and they still have a lot more to gain from their travels in the future. I wish I was as lucky as them when I was at their age..

DadaIQ said...

You are right, Gina. How I wish I was as lucky as kids nowadays. You wouldn't believe that the kids actually talked about their holiday plans in school and who travel the farthest. Kita dulu mana ada. We were lucky to have the opportunity to study overseas and learnt the true meaning of independent. Not sure if they can get the same opportunity as us.

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