Monday, November 2, 2009

Reunion of Ex-KUB and KUB at Singgahsana

Yesterday I attended the ex-KUB and KUB reunion at Singgahsana. It was good to see so many ex-KUBs at the gathering. It reminded me of the good old days when KUB had its raya gathering or other events in Singgahsana organized by KUB or its subsidiaries. Thanks to Adam who took all the trouble to organize the event single handedly and to Tuan Hj Rohizan and Nina for allowing us to use Singgahsana and offered attractive discount for the food.

It all started with a small group of ex-KUBs e-mailing each other to wish Selamat Hari Raya. The group then grew bigger and bigger and the list kept expanding to more than 100 people. Many of them from KUB Holdings time like Nurmazilah, Tifla, Imran, Abang Kamal,Shila, Anis, Saifudin, Yamin, Teresa, En Megat Ahmad Sani dan ramai lagi. Adam managed to gather around 50 ex-KUBs and on that day, 8 didn’t turn up. There were more than 100 people in the hall including their family members.

My staff from LSD (Legal & Secretarial Division) Shema, Shida, Azilah, Sue, Ina and Zahrin were there. It was just unfortunate that Zack, Ita, Zulee, Is, Hajar and Fauzi were not there with us. Otherwise, the place would be chaos!!!!! I do miss my time in KUB, it was the best time of my working life. Having them around made work so easy even through challenging time and leadership. We worked as a team and as a big family. Of course the hottest gossip was about my maid! It's been a long time since I saw them. The kids have really grown especially Walid, Nina, Adam and Sofia. We all had a real good time catching up, sampai tak ingat nak balik!!! Biasalah sekali-sekala berjumpa.
Other KUB Malaysia colleagues like Hiruddin, Jaja, Sara, Shahar, Rozliham, Nurmazilah, Anis, Zul, Shila, Tifla, Uzaini were there as well. Nik couldn’t make it as she was overseas and Natrah had to cancel last minute. Ex-staff from KUBTek, KUBD and KUB Realty pun ramai yang hadir. Maaf tak dapat sebut kesemua yang hadir, ramai sangat. For the price that we paid, the spread of food was excellent especially the Nasi Tomato and Cucur Udang. Sambil menjamu selera, kami dijemput ke pentas untuk menceritakan kisah hidup kami setelah meninggalkan KUB. Azilah took the opportunity to celebrate Sara’s 8th birthday. Majlis diakhiri dengan upacara bergambar beramai2.

I hope this gathering will continue for the next hari raya. Selain menjalinkan silatulrahim, ia dapat mengukuhkah ukhwah sesama kita. Kepada Shida yang akan berangkat ke Mekah pada 19 November 2009 untuk menunaikan ibadah haji, semoga selamat pergi dan kembali dan mendapat haji yang mabrur.


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Wooo...gambar yang kat atas tu yang paling best!

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Hehehe....tu kerja si Faizlah. Dia yang pandai bab2 widget ni. Budak2 sekarang memang pakar hal2 computer ni.

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