Friday, August 10, 2012

Abah & Alin Birthday Bash

It was a last minute plan between Ibu and Kakak to celebrate Abah’s 44th birthday which falls on 27 June 2012. Initially we wanted to have a quiet family dinner somewhere but later decided to have a full blast celebration. The only place that we could think of is at the Red Box Pavillion since it is close to Ibu’s office and it is easier for her to make arrangement. After all, Abah loves to sing and so does his siblings, they all have pretty good voice! Since Abah’s nephew, Alin is also celebrating her birthday in June, we thought why not combine the celebrations. So, it became IQ & Alin Birthday Bash!

We fixed 23 June to celebrate since 27 June falls on a Wednesday and rented a VIP room which is big enough to accomodate about 20 pax adults and 10 pax kids in Redbox during merry hours which run from 1pm to 6pm. Redbox offers variety of packages which is value for money, they will decorate the room with balloons, birthday banners and provide you with free party pack for each guest. Of course the price that you pay comes with 10 jugs of soft drinks/juices and hi-tea buffet from 3-5pm. It’s hassle free and you just come and enjoy yourself. They get all the stuff ready for you, just bring a cake along for the birthday boy/girl.

Since we planned for a surprise party, we did not tell Abah that we have invited everybody. We told him that we have booked a small room at redbox just for our family to have our buffet lunch and at the same entertain ourselves! Abah has to pick Faiz from school and Adik has to attend extra class on Saturday so Ibu and Kakak went earlier to do the preparation. But we told Abah that we were going to Kraf to help Pak Long to sell the Royal Pudding during “Promosi Kerja Kawin”. Pak Long was invited to set up a booth there to promote PDR. We told Abah to meet us at Redbox around 2pm. So, at around 1pm we were there and Aunty Ira already arrived with her afro hairstyle! Cool J We told everyone to dress up as celebrities, blink2 since we have prepared prizes for best dress!

While we were busy getting ready to receive the guests who were suppose to arrive before the VVIP, Abah, Abang and Adik arrived. Infact, they were the first to arrive and Abah had a shock of his life to see the room, bigger than it should and well decorated and it was just us in there! No surprise after all....and we were later told that Abah knew about it from the call he received from Tok Abah wishing him happy birthday and told him about the celebration that we planned for him! It was Pak Ngah who went and told Tok Abah not knowing that he would call Abah and broke the news. The rest of the guests arrived very much later, some got lost since many were not familiar with Pavillion.

Kakak welcomed everyone followed by Faiz reciting doa. We then told everyone that there would be a karaoke contest and we have prizes ready for the best vocals, male and female, adult and kid and best duet. It is just a way to encourage everyone to sing and to show their hidden talent. Well, we were amazed with Aunty Ira, Pak Ngah, Pak Teh vocals...they are really good. Of course the rest are good as well but we have heard them sing before like Pak Lang, Abang Man and Kak Ani. Even Aisya wasn’t shy to sing and the kids, really enjoyed themselves. When the buffet was opened, everyone rushed for food since some of them have not had their lunch. The spread was reasonable, enough to fill up empty stomach. Then the crew brought in the cake, Chocolate Moist for Abah and Pecan Butterscotch for Alin.

We later announced the karaoke winner, Pak Teh won the best vocal male, Ira for best vocal female. Aisya and Thaqif won the kids category and the best duet went to Ira and Pak Teh for their song “Ombak Rindu”. Best dress female went to Ira for her Afro look and Abang Man for male. Thank you to Makcik Isi for being the judge for the contest. We then presented Abah and Alin their birthday presents. Abah finally had his first smart phone, Samsung Galaxy Advance and Alin received her dream doll that wear diapers and can pee!!!! We all had a blast...hope Abah and Alin enjoyed their birthday celebrations this year.


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