Monday, February 28, 2011

Fraser’s Hill...Heaven of Traquility

We arrived at the main entrance i.e the clock tower and continued to drive around looking for the place that we booked while familiarizing ourselves with the area....first impression, the place is green and has lots of trees, cooling, different from Cameron or Genting. We found our home in Fraser's Hill ie the huge Whittington bungalow belonging to Sime Darby Property...this is one of the SD holiday bungalows which employees could rent at a reasonable rate. It's a 2 storeys old English style bungalow on the Lady Maxwell road...taken care by Annie, a Chinese Muslim and we got the whole place to ourselves...sometimes the place is a bit eerie but there is nothing to be scared of actually. Other bungalows were there too ie Telekom, RHB Bank, Bank Negara Malaysia etc and many of them can be rented by public.

The signage to Whittington Bungalow

Beautiful lawn

Located at Lady Maxwell Road

The entrance

After getting to know Annie and looking around the bungalow, we needed lunch so we took a short drive to the food court near Jalan Pine Tree...not many shops but enough and good tasty food too. We had some very nice kampong fried rice (maybe I was hungry), hot soup and ginger tea at Mimi Strawberry's Cafe. After a full and satisfying meal, we drove back to the bungalow for solat and rest for the afternoon...we were getting more familiar with the routes now.

The bungalow is huge and has 5 rooms downstairs with bathroom attached plus a TV room and a very nice lawn (can be better). We only occupied room no 1 and it was a waste that no one could accept our offer to join us here for a free accommodation (the other 4 rooms)...perhaps everyone was occupied at that time, but that was the best time to come to Fraser's Hill ie during off peak season...the place can be jam packed during peak seasons (based on feedbacks from locals).

TV Room


The living room

The dining area

The corridoor to the bedrooms

With Annie, the caretaker

We had to wait for 15 minutes for the water to be heated before we could do our ablution before prayer....the water can be very cold and can chill through the bone! After Zohor, we sat outside in the lawn, under the sun, enjoying the breeze, the cool air and the birds chipping while we talked and went through our old photos that reminded us of the early days of our marriage....with 3 small wonderful kids. They are no longer small but still wonderful kids.

Next we took a trip driving around the hills... we went to Allan's water (A recreational area which used to be a water supply dam), the 9 hole golf course (which used to be a tin mine area), the Pine Resort, the Silverpark Resort (huge area), the other bungalows (Pekan, Rompin, Pertahanan etc), Istana Pahang, the Shahzan Inn hotel (probably the best hotel here and is located at the best location), the various nature walk trails (Bishop, Maxwell, Pine Tree Trails - one of top activities in FH), the town center (to buy some souvenirs) and reading all the info about FH's history and the diverse species of birds (another popular activity in FH is bird watching with its peak in mid June every year). We covered almost all areas except the area heading towards the transmission towers...its a bit isolated and quiet and it was already getting dark. So we stopped again at the food court for some hot tea and burgers before returning home to the bungalow.

Entrance to Bishop Trail

Entrance to Pine Tree Trail

Allan's Water recreational park

Paddle boats for rent

The souvenir shops

Masjid Sultan Mahmud

The food garden

Restaurant Mimi Strawberi

Fraser's Hill Golf Course

The Clock Tower

Birds' Info Centre

Park at Pine Tree Road

Park & Playground

The Park

The famous round about

When night falls, it got darker and darker until it was very dark...and the temperature dropped and dropped....we were a bit scared initially but that was only for a while. We relaxed, had shower, got Annie to make us some hot tea and we watched the news on TV....still with Middle East chaos but here in was quiet and peaceful outside. The stomach started to make noise again so we decided that we should go out for a nice dinner at Shahzan Inn (since Annie does not cook for 2 people)....nice and cute cafe with glass walls and cool night breeze...tables come with candle and real fresh flower. We couldn't make our mind on what to eat until the waiter suggested that we take the Valentine's Day promotion set dinner...with prawn salad, soup, steak and we decided why not. It costs us RM120 per couple and it was a very nice dinner indeed...and we were very happy with the service provided by the very nice gentleman.

The promotion

Lela Manja Coffe house

The main course

Candle light dinner for two

It was already 11.30 PM when we got home and ready for bed. The place was so very quiet and it really suit its tag line ie Frasers's Hill - heaven for tranquility. It was so quiet that you could hear your breath and heart beat....and it was so hard to sleep due to the unusual we turned on some Maher Zain's songs from the phone and the slow and soft sound of music made the environment more familiar for the brain to shut down...and we were able to sleep well.


MrsNordin said...

I used to drive up to Fraser's Hill on weekends before, on daily trips. A nice place to relax and unwind, like you said.

The last time I was there was in 2004. We stayed at the Shell bungalow, which was smaller than the Whittingon but can be quite scary if it's just the 2 of us. But we were in a group of about 10 people at that time, so it was alright.

Thanks for sharing.

DadaIQ said...

You are right, BJ...these bungalows are scary...and it was just the two of us at that time! Sometimes I wonder how the caretaker can survive staying there for almost 10 years now!!! We could last for only one night :-)

Anonymous said...

hi can i have annie number for booking. working with sime darby. pls contact me 0173235087-aneesa

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