Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trip to Fraser’s Hill via Kuala Kubu Bharu

Every year, both of us will find opportunities to spend some quality times together somewhere quiet, somewhere peaceful, somewhere that is heaven for tranquility...just to sit down and talk, discuss various issues, reflect on the past, plan for the near future, have a good laugh, enjoy the flora and fauna and basically enjoying each others' company...while we escape from the rat race and the city noise. It was Kenyir in 2008, Kundasang in 2009 and this year we settled for Fraser's Hill. I haven't been to Fraser's Hill in my life and my other half was there once in the 70's and can't remember much about it it was kind of interesting to go to unfamiliar place.

We took leave on Monday 14.2.2011 since Tuesday is a public holiday (Maulidur Rasul)...but the school was opened on Monday (although the religious school was closed) and tuition was also on that night, so we decided not to bring Adik along (although he was not very happy with the decision). Some people were celebrating Valentine's Day but our plans have got nothing to do with the lovers’ day...just pure coincidence. So after sending Adik to school that morning and settling the house chores, we started our journey towards Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) via Batu Caves - Ulu Yam - Batang Kali route. After 20 minutes, just as the fun was building up, we reached the Batu Dam and wanted to snap some pictures when we suddenly realized that the camera had no battery!??$#$! So we had to turn back to get the battery. Although it was a waste of time, it was really necessary and fortunately that did not alter our enthusiasm at all instead we laughed at how old and forgetful we have become....How can no photo? No photo means no posting!!!

So we slowly drove on through the Hutan Lipur Sg Tua until we reached KKB junction on the right. We took that road and came to a very nice and quiet place called Alor Lempah located in Ampang the part of Sg Selangor with a man made overflowing dam....crystal clear water, sandy bottom, sound of water, should be heaven for picnickers and swimmers...just like a very huge swimming pool. We stopped by to enjoy the view and captured some pictures of course...Later, we realised that no one was there until we found out from a local guy who claimed that not many people come over for picnic or swim because the river has many leaches and the water is normally stagnant if there is no water being released from the Sg Selangor dam upstream....What a waste, but I intend to find more about this place (anyone has any info?).

We drove on and our next stop was the Darul Quran complex....a huge Tahfiz complex for students to master the Al-Quran....a very nice location and could be a good place for Abang and Adik to be part of it in the future. DQ was established in 1966 during the era of Tuanku Abdul Rahman and was placed under Jakim in 1997. The 90-hectare complex complete with a huge natural lake has been a serene abode for students to study there. Adding serenity and tranquillity to the area, the atmosphere and the panoramic view of the green forests and hills surrounding DQ truly provides the right ambience for the students to memorise Quran.

The place...

Masjid Darul Quran beside the lake

The administration block

Dewan Muktamar

Students taking group photograph

It was already almost 12 noon when we entered the KKB town...we went around the town and the mosque since we have not been to KKB for a long time. Initially we wanted to have lunch there but we could not find any interesting place to eat although we have googled for KKB famous restaurant/food. The good food served in KKB are mainly non-halal. So we decided to continue our drive to the Gap, 40 km away through winding roads and hilly terrains.

The old signage

KKB New township

The roundabout in the town centre

Masjid Jamek Ar Rahimah

Along the way we reached the Sg Selangor dam with Kg Pertak occupying the east banks of the man made lake. Further on, we were alone and there was hardly any car heading towards the Gap....the same road can also bring us to Raub on the other side of the mountain range, 90 km away. The roads were nicely maintained and brought us through many sharp corners, small streams, rapids and falls along the way....normally we prefer to enjoy the natural breeze rather than turning on the air cond during the hillside drive.... and that can sometime made passengers become nausea...hill sick. We drove on and on slowly until we reached the Gap at around 1:15 PM and it was perfect timing to go up to Fraser's Hill...going up only during odd hours and coming down during even hours (between 7 AM to 7 PM). It takes only 15 - 20 minutes from the Gap to Frasers Hill. Our journey continues...

Sg Selangor dam

The Info Centre

Wonderful view from the highway

One of the corners leading to the Gap

Entrance to Fraser's Hill

The Gap

The schedule to go up and down

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