Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tanjung Malim's Attractions

We did not head straight home from Sg Klah Hot Spring although everybody was already exhausted! We knew everyone was very hungry after the fun and we wanted the lunch to be good and satisfying too. So we booked for lunch at Andri Restaurant in Tg Malim...a place that serves great local food especially rendang ayam kampung although the place looks a bit shabby.

We reached at 1:45 pm...15 minutes late than promise but the table was already reserved (there was a note written “Ada Orang” on the tables and we knew they were for us!) although the place was full of its loyal patrons...had to call them almost everyday before today to book because they were having problem with the chicken supply during this we were indeed lucky and everyone enjoyed an extremely delicious lunch. This was Dini’s first time at this restaurant but unfortunately she didn’t fancy the chicken...that’s her choice but Pak Su found the chicken simply irresistable...thank you Pak Ngah for picking up the bill.

Restoran Andri Ayam Kampung

Business hours

The menu and price list

Table reserved for us :-)

Gulai Udang

Sambal udang petai

Signature dish, Rendang Ayam Kampung

Patiently waiting for the food

Makan time

They only serve one drink, tasteless cold tea

Pay time

Similing faces

Afterwards, everyone went on our separate ways since we thought the famous Tg Malim pau "Yik Mun" shop was closed on CNY. To our surprise, it was opened and all of us changed our course and stopped at the shop to get some frozen paus. We did not know that the shop was hardly closed for the last 80 years until we saw the newspaper cuttings which were framed as part of the shop decor. It is located at the junction of Tanjung Malim main road and has been in existence since 1926. They sell four types of halal pau, kaya red bean, chicken and beef curry and selling at around RM15 - RM19 per packet. Other than pau, they also serve hot meals at the restaurant such as prawn steak, mee hainan, chicken curry with toast bread and roti kawin (sounds interesting!). It is a must stop for us whenever we pass through the old road.

Yik Mun Pau Shop

The famous pau on the news

Borong the frozen pau

We finally said goodbye here and made our way home. It was not until we saw a sign showing Kalumpang and suddenly Ibu remembered the place from one of her friends who has been there. So, we stopped again at Kalumpang for solat Zohor at Masjid At Taqwa. We then took a de tour to Kalumpang Resort...a place we’ve never been and it looks interesting for our next family get away. Ibu and the kids went for a tour inside KRTC and to our surprise, they place was packed with people. The facilities there are simple but overwhelming. They have various types of chalets, swimming pool, surau, mini zoo, three halls and some shops. The best part of this place is non other than the stream, Sungai Inki. It looks cool and refereshing and made us feel like joining the crowd there. We took a walk across the bridge and were impress with the place. Varities of activity can be done especially if you come in a big group. KRTC also offers several pakages and the rates are affordable. It's really "cool" place for relaxation. This will definitely be our next holiday destination.

The sign board

The entrance to Kalumpang Resort

Entrance of KRTC

Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre

The swimming pool

The shops and "coffe house"

Inki love it

The crowd having fun

The chalets and other facilities

The chalets with astro

Double storey chalets

The surau

Mini zoo

We moved on through Batang Kali passing through Sg Tua (where many peple were picnicking) and the Batu Dam for ice cream before arriving at Batu Caves where we briefly stopped at Pak Lang’s house for Asar. It was a tiring journey but we all had tremendous fun. Everybody especially the kids enjoyed the time spent together.

Sg Tua Waterfall

Hutan Lipur Sg Tua

Nice scenery from the park

The lake


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hi dada/Aida.

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nice meeting you and family.


DadaIQ said...

Salam Catz
Thank you for dropping by and for the compliments. Do try Restoran Andri whenever you pass by Tg Malim.

Nice knowing you too :-)

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