Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CNY @ Home & Abroad

Still on CNY Holidays...

On Friday, the second day of CNY, it was solat subuh jamaah at Masjid Salahuddin Al Ayubi Taman Melati, catching the sujud sajadah, alhamdulillah we managed to do that. Later in the day, it was a 1.5 hour badminton session at Ampang Sports Planet with Dini, Thaqif and Pak Su...we got the whole place to ourselves and really enjoyed the doubles game. We were caught by surprised with Pak Su's hidden talent in badminton.

After solat Jumaat, we had lunch at home and later in the afternoon Tok Mama and Tok Abah went to visit Mak Lang who is sick in PJ and spent the next 2 nights at Pak Ngah’s house in Bangi...standard procedure when parents are in KL...moving from one house to another...to be fair to everyone and to spend times with the grandchildren.

That night, we went out to KLCC to look for Maher Zain’s concert (Friday 25 Feb 2011) ticket at the Rock Corner music shoppe. Not really happy with the choice of seats and we decided that we have to buy them directly from TicketHotLine in TTDI so that we’d have better seat choices.

On Saturday, it was the wedding day in Taman Kosas, Ampang. Started at 11.00 a.m., smooth and simple...except for Pak Su’s refusal to come down from the car when his ‘tasbih’ was left in Bangi (he somehow loves to play with the tasbih and carries with him all the time). After the lunch at the bridegroom’s house, we went home and took a rest. It was dinner at That Little Gerai later that night. It is a must to have dinner at TLG when everyone is around!

Came Sunday, the long holiday was coming to an end. Dini left for school by Transnasional that morning (bus was late for 1 hour) and Faiz was sent back to IQKL after Asar. So life was quiet again, back to normal until Bob sent parents over that evening. We had nan and chicken tandoori at Deen for supper....Pak Su’s compulsory activity when he’s around. Later that night it was the EPL, Liverpool against Chelsea...another treat for Liverpool fans after losing Fernando Torres...Liverpool fans hated him because they loved and liked him so much as a Liverpool icon... including Thaqif who was so dissapointed with Torres. But as King Kenny says ‘no one is bigger than the club’...spot on!

Parents were contemplating to go for umrah this year together with Pak Teh and Faiz and probably Mak Ngah...still thinking whether they should bring Pak Su (he has been to Tanah Haram 3 times) or not (which I think they should just leave him with us)...important to go while we can as the political status in the Middle East is unstable, unpredictable and volatile of late.

While we get back to our daily life, Egypt was still in crisis....mass protests in Tahrir square, the army and their tanks, the defiant Mubarak and the equally demanding people and the concerned voices from Barrack Obama, the EU and Israel...Ops Piramid was underway, an operation to evacuate Malaysians from Egypt to Jeddah and then to Malaysia....an operation which was translated into different meanings by different people, and for us....Dini need to change her future study plans i.e further study in Egypt in the next 1 – 2 years would be risky and depending on the outcome of the Egyptian revolution, nothing is now seem certain.

While we continuously thank Allah for blessing us with a peaceful, properous and green country, we also pray that Allah will grant taufiq and hidayah to our Chinese friends...may their hearts be opened to Islam. A Muslim Chinese or Indian would certainly transfrom Malaysian as a true Islamic country. We wish our Chinese friends Happy New Year 2011 and may the year of rabbit brings peace, prosperity and good health.

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