Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CNY Holidays @ Sg Klah Hot Spring

Chinese New Year (CNY) is celebrated every year by the Chinese people no matter where they are...China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. So gone is the year of the tiger (when the Malaysian team won the AFF Cup for the first time) and here comes the year of the rabbit. I would think this CNY celebration is more of a Chinese culture rather than it being a religous one...even if you’re a Chinese Muslim, celebrating the CNY is not a problem as long as you maintain the ‘halal’ and ‘haram’...especially respecting the parents.

The colour red, ang pow, the oranges, yee sang, lion dance, firecrackers and long holidays are some of the packages that come along with CNY celebration in Malaysia. We’re not Chinese but we get to enjoy the holidays too...the same case during Hari Raya holidays, the Chinese and Indians would also enjoy the time off from work...but some Chinese and Indians do celebrate Hari Raya as Islam goes beyond races, beyond colours and beyond status.

This year’s CNY holidays is a standard 2 days (Thursday 3 – 4 Feb 2011) on West Coast and one day (Thursday 3 Feb 2011) on the East Coast; school took the whole week off but religious school observe the compulsory 2 days holidays only. If you’re in KL, then 1 Feb was also a if you plan properly, you could enjoy a 10 days leave by applying only 2 days annual leave...its going to be some time before we can get a long holiday again this year.

So many people took the opportunity to balik kampung...just like Hari Raya, traffic was heavy going out of city on Wednesday and Thursday while coming back it was a long crawl on Sunday. That’s what we heard and read...regardless of whether you headed north, east or south. We initially thought of joining the crowd but there was a wedding in KL and the parents were coming rather than we travel northeast, parents came down south west...against the traffic flow and even better. They arrived on Wednesday night together with Dini, who started her school holidays too.

Since everyone was around, we thought it was a good opportunity for some family activities and we thought why not FELDA Residence Sg Klah, Sungkai? Loved the place and it has been quite sometime since we last went there...Tok Abah and Tok Mama haven’t been there and I was sure that Pak Su would love it too.

So off we went early Thursday morning together with Min and Bob’s families. Traffic was getting heavier but we managed to arrive at 9.00 am at the entrance...the boys were asleep all the way since they have not slept since last night, watching the EPL game....Liverpool V Stoke City where Liverpool won 2-0! It was still cool and nice, not so many’s always important to come in early as the hot water bath is best in the morning. So, we bought the tickets and off we went to the hot water pool first...met Intan along the way, who had checked in yesterday and put up a night at the villa with her family. Pak Su was loving it already and the kids were running and jumping helter skelter into the pool...the place is very safe for kids.

Welcoming the visitors

Entrance ticket and operation hours

Tok Mama, Pak Su and cucu2

The warm water pool

The kids and Pak Lang enjoying themselves!

Sun bathing by the pool side!

The males in the family

Lovely couple; Tok Abah and Tok Mama

The gals

Looking for food after the hot bath

Picnic with JCo doughnuts..

After about an hour, it was time to move on to the cool mountain spring pool...with the slides and the waterfalls....the kids simply love this place better...and there is a new slide now..having to sacrifice the octopus head! We had the picture of the octupus head in our earlier posting.

Tok Mama and Tok Abah enjoyed some foot dipping in the hot water and walking on the pebbles... before they too joint their grandchildren in the cool water pool. Been a while since I see Tok Mama & Tok Abah enjoying ‘main air dengan cucu’....

Tok Mama enjoying the hot dip!

Aisyah and Tok Abah...

Must be watching the boys!

The BIG Splash!

The new slides

The power puff gals!

Dini and Mak Ngah went for egg after 7 minutes, the eggs (sold at site) were ¾ cooked...perfect when you add it with some salty soy sauce and white pepper...although they look just like any normal boiled eggs but its not always that you get the earth to boil them for you direct! We bought 20 eggs and were all gone!!

Egg Boiling area

Tips for boiling the eggs

The water is boiling hot here, so be careful!!

Dini, Mak Ngah and Mak Lang performing their task!

Ibu, on the other hand, went to book the family spa from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm, a 2 hour session...where we finally gathered, had cold shower and packed our bags ready to leave the place. We left at 1.30 pm and headed south towards KL.

We’re still very much impressed with the place, its cleanlines, its facilities, FELDA’s commitment to continue to develop and maintain the place...except for some controversies on bringing outside food into the facilities. The place is good for a brief family day out or those looking for healthy tour activities....highly recommended. we truly had a wonderful time whenever we are there.

This trip took just half day of the four days CNY break....the fun continues!!

The family SPA, RM75 per hour!

Enjoying the natural jacuzzi

Pak Ngah and Mak Lang trying the eggs

The kids just loving it

Ibu and her biras

Kakak and Ibu

The family spa

The jacuzzi pool

At the Family Spa entrance


Uncle said... long does it take to drive to sg klah? thought of going..

DadaIQ said...

It takes about 2 hours of slow driving to Sungkai. Great place for family.

Aidy said...

Best nye!!!

DadaIQ said...

Uncle Ap
Memang best pun! So, make sure you reserve the dates in March to join us on our next expedition to Taman Negara :-)

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