Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do you know PIBG/PTA? I'm sure you know...Persatuan Ibu Bapa & Guru / Parents Teachers Asssociation.

If you don't, then its either you've never been to school or you don't have kids in school...or you went to school but you didn't care at all or you have kids in school but you don't give a damn!! Of course, it's more relevant if you have kids in school.

Do you get involved in PIBG? I'm sure every parent would have paid their yuran PIBG beginning of a year and that's it, that is all their involvement in PIBG! Some had a bit more concern and they made a point to attend the AGM, once a year. Some people like to seek for the post and power and some became victims of a couldn't care less get elected all the time as if there is no other person (it's always someone else can do it better than I can attitude). There are committees where decision is not based on pure and honest concensus but rather a one sided affair, the other being over protective and uncooperative...

It is not easy to have a perfect set up but it is not impossible. There are communities who have been able to use the PIBG for the benefits of the students, the school and the community ie meeting its intended objectives.

Do you know what PIBG members should/could do? Many ways indeed, either directly through PIBG or indirectly, as long as what you do is for the good development of knowledge and skills of the students, the school infrastructure and the relationship between teachers, parents and students.

Unfortunately, sometimes the objectives are not met, power is abused, leadership is poor and cooperation is not nurtured. When this happens, the students lose....

As for us, we'll continue to play our role in supporting PIBG indirectly for as long as our kids are in that particular school...who knows what happen after they finish schools.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The first 2 weeks of 2010 has been very slow, lazy and boring... getting used to life without the 2 kids at home, new timetable for the 3 of us at home, recuperating after the one week fever spell....what a challenging start to a new year!

Did some reading....updated myself with the latest issues of National Geographic (bionics, wildlife), books about great Muslim leaders (Khalifah Umar Abd Aziz) and a bit on history of Islam and Society in South East Asia (particularly on how the Western powers separated religious and venicular education in Nusantara - very interesting!). My wife just gave me the latest book by Al-Gore on "Our Choice", what we can contribute to save planet Earth. These helped me a lot in charging up my brain and my motivation.

Watched movies too...Papadom was nice and touching, Pelham 123 was very American drama, (John Travolta swears a lot!) and Avatar has excellent imagination and technology.

Followed the news...early 2010 we were bombared with news of earthquake in Haiti (reminds us of tsunami in Acheh), the use of word 'Allah', tragedies and accidents, never ending coverage on Kelantan (the oil royalty, the royal family), politics, wars and terrorism, continued conflicts around the world, football...

Now its the third week, things are getting better...more lively, more energy, more enthusiasm, better motivation, more settled down, more predictable...reaching a stable state, reaching equilibrium.

Change is certainly not easy and it is not readily welcomed, change is gets harder as you grow older, harder if you're comfortable with where and who you are. But change is necessary and change is dynamic... and there will be no progress and no success without change.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Experience with Down Syndrome...Dedicated to Mohd Mutqiin Danial

I considered myself very lucky indeed to have the opportunity to live with a Down Syndrome (DS) person in my lifetime and I am sure there are thousands who have the same opportunity....but whether they consider themselves lucky....I don't know.

I have a Down Syndrome brother who is now 28 years old. Some of his cousins and friends are now married, highly educated, worked at large organziations and lived on their own. But for him....he's still the same guy...simple, grown up and loving.

He was born when I was in Form 1, I first saw him in July 1981 during school break, which I immediately knew my brother would be a special guy, a guy which would require me to reach beyond the ordinary.... so I had set in my mind that he will be part of us forever, now and in the hereafter.

Ever since, I had to make sure that everyone around me understands, accepts and loves him as much as they can....families and friends helped and cooperated. We can't expect a DS person to understand us better, it is us who has to sacrifice to understand them choice and no two way about it.

He has been to Mekah a few times and got lost the first time, he then went missing on 2 other occassions in Kelantan and KL.... but he will only go to places that he knew, places that he has been to, places he knew he could get help.

I'm writing just to share my experiences with those interested to know about living with a DS person. Having 28 years of experience would qualify my observations and opinions although I'm not a medical expert.

These are my thoughts;
1. They look the same, very international appearance, famous and well known
2. It goes beyond race, religion, nationality, cast, pangkat or keturunan.
3. Retarded physical and mental development
4. Likes to be loved and loved kids very much
5. They are abnormal, does not qualify for pahala / dosa.
6. Has excellent memory power
7. Could read and write if properly trained
8. Likes to be centre of attention in familiar places
9. Might not like people similar to him
10. Time is not a problem to them, waiting is not a fuss to them.
11. Likes to watch F1 races and football, knew the drivers, the team, the players and the managers too
12. Likes to swim and ride bicycles
13. Likes to, bus, trains and aeroplanes
14. Treat and talk to them like talking or treating any other normal person
15. Can be scared of unfamiliar places
16. Can be moody if what he really wants is not entertained....normally nothing extraordinary
17. Can be clumsy sometimes, need to be extra watchful....esp riding speed and hot water
18. He likes to drink lots of plain water, at least 5L per day
19. Holds on to a make sure all promises made are fulfilled
20. He can be prone to sickness and illness but always recovers
21. May need help to do some self cleaning esp body hair cut and trims, nails and ear waxes.
22. They like to look good
23. Has his own imaginary world, fine as long as not damaging
24. Can be angry at times, but always be patient
25. You need to let him know how you, angry
My advise is that treat and love DS people well and they will treat and love you well. My only hope is that no one will take advantage of his condition....but I can't guarantee that, I can only hope and pray.

I strongly believe that a DS person holds direct access to Heaven...for him and those who loved and cared for him during his lifetime.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

SYABAS.....Paip Pecah Lagi!!!!

Kejadian paip pecah atau bocor bukan lagi satu keadaan yang asing bagi kami. Paip besar berukuran 8 inci ukur lilit yang ditanam lebih kurang 10 kaki dalam di tepi rumah kami sudah banyak kali melimpahkan air bergelen-gelen! Semenjak kami menetap di rumah ini sejak 12 tahun yang lalu, paip yang melalui kawasan tepi rumah kami sepanjang 70 kaki tidak kurang dari 7 kali pecah!

Dari Jabatan Bekalan Air (JBA) ke Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor (PUAS) ke Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS), paip di kawasan rumah kami yang sudah berumur lebih dari 40 tahun masih belum dapat ditukar. Alasan yang diberi hanya satu, TIADA PERUNTUKAN. Sudah terlalu banyak aduan yang kami lakukan tetapi masih belum berhasil.

Setiap kali apabila paip bocor, air dan tanah akan melimpah dan memasuki kawasan rumah kami semacam air terjun. Apa saja yang ada dilaluannya akan rosak terutama rumput dan pokok-pokok. Sebelum kami membina longkang dan benteng tinggi di tepi kawasan rumah kami, air dari paip yang pecah akan melimpah hingga masuk ke dalam rumah dan kami terpaksa berhempas pulas menghalang air dari memasuki rumah kami. Setelah paip dikunci, kami bertungkus lumus pula membersihkan kawasan luar dan dalam rumah kami. Begitulah keadaannya setiap kali paip pecah. Rumah di atas bukit pun dapat merasa keadaan banjir walaupun tiada hujan!

Biasanya bila paip pecah, pihak Syabas akan menghantar kontractor yang dilantik untuk datang membaiki. Paip utama akan dikunci bagi membolehkan kerja-kerja pembaikan dijalankan. Yang paling kami tak tahan sekali ialah apabila jentolak dihantar mengorek tanah-tanah untuk mencari bahagian paip yang pecah. Sudah beberapa kali lanskap, tempat pakir kereta berturap, pokok-pokok besar disodok oleh jentolak.

Kejadian terakhir berlaku pada hari Selasa lepas, 5 Januari 2010 lebih kurang pukul 4.30 pagi. Kami terkejut mendengar bunyi jentolak yang agak kuat. Suami bingkas bangun dan dari anjung belakang bilik kami menjerit minta ditangguhkan kerja mengorek agar kami dapat mengalih kenderaan yang kami pakir di situ. Setelah kenderaan kami dialihkan, barulah kerja-kerja mengorek diteruskan. Pihak Syabas mengorek hingga 20 kaki panjang kawasan tepi rumah kami kerana tidak berjumpa paip yang pecah. Semua kerja-kerja menukar paip dan menerap jalan selesai lebih kurang pukul 10 pagi. Selama kerja berjalan, seluruh kawasan perumahan kami tiada bekalan air.

Kami berharap agar pihak Syabas akan menimbangkan permohonan penduduk kawasan kami untuk menukar paip-paip lama kepada yang baru bagi mengelakkan kejadian paip bocor yang terlalu kerap berlaku. Kami adalah salah seorang mangsa kerana kedudukan paip lama ini terletak bersebelahan rumah kami. Walaubagaimana, kami berpuas hati dan berterimakasih kepada pihak Syabas kerana memastikan tempat yang dikorek kembali seperti sedia kala.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our commitment to planet Earth

Nowadays everybody is an environmental expert....almost everyone knows about pollution, global warming, climate change, carbon footprint, waste minimization etc. which made Al Gore the most popular environmentalist this century....but talking is one thing and doing is another and its the 'doing' part that can make the change happen.

So ever thought what you do at home to reduce your impacts on the fragile environment of this third planet from the Sun??? Or you don't care???

As for us, these are more than a dozen things that we do to contribute to environmental protection and conservation;

1. We reduce waste that goes to the garbage truck (evetually to landfill) by seggregating our wastes which are recycleables (plastic, glass & metal containers, bottles, aluminium cans). We clean them and store them in plastic boxes before sending them to recycle center once the containers are full, probably once in 2 or 3 weeks. We don't normally sell these items.

2. We sell our used newspapers (we have lots of newspapers since we normally read more than 2 newspapers, just to get a more balance picture of a report / story).

3. We turned our kitchen waste into compost as fertilizers for our potted plants.
4. We plant lots of trees to act as dust and noise barriers, reduce impacts of rain on top soil as well as supply oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

5. We used high efficiency light bulbs in all our main lights (the ones that we use everyday) and we use dual flush system in our toilets.

6. We stick reminders to conserve power at switches and plugs.

7. We monitor our water and power consumption in order to identify abnormal trends which we can then address.

8. We bring our own shopping bags whenever we shop for our ration and groceries.

9. We donate used clothings, shoes and books for needy people in local community or back in kampung.

10. We try as much as possible to spend holidays locally as air travel affects the environment even worse. Furthermore, local tourism helps local economy.

11. We maintain our cars as per constructors specification. This certainly helps ensure efficiency of our travel and fuel consumption.

12. We make a point to clean our picnic area and its immedaite surrounding whenever we go for a picnic. Plastic really irritates me when they are lying useless.

13. We donate / contribute to or take part in environmental conservation programs including sponsoring/conducting awareness programs for schools.

14. We educate our children about recycling, climate change and environment through sources from internet, national geography magazines and books. We watched the "Inconvenient Truth" documentary by Al Gore and read his book "Our Choice".

Those are our contributions to help mother Earth and I'm sure many other people do more than what we've done, nevertheless it is important that each one of us contribute.

If you don't care, think again....being kind to mother Earth is certainly good Islamic practice.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year Fever Attack!!!!

Yes, we welcome 2010 with a bang!!!

After settling all that we had to do with regards to the schools, we were all so eager to start a year but we were very tired, very exhausted...our past postings reflected the amount of activities that we've been doing in December including travelling more then 1,000km every week!!!

On Sunday 3.1.2010, we were in Bangi and Thaqif had a game of soccer in the evening with his cousins in drizzling rain and he ran and ran beyond his normal you guess, that night he caught fever. Nevertheless, we sent him to school for the first day but had to take him back after the assembly. He continued to have fever peaking on Wednesday after which it slowly subsided. He was back to school only on Friday.

We were busy running around settling matters before we started work on Tuesday. But IQ got early morning pressure on Monday 4.1.2010 after traffic around the school was congested because Badan Kebajikan has not implemented the one way street had to do some answering early Monday morning. Later on Monday, IQ also had 2 meetings which made his brain almost touching the insane threshold!

Then came Tuesday 5.1.2010, we were looking forward to go to work when suddenly we heard diesel engines rumbling beside our house at 4:30 AM ....there was a main pipe burst!!! So we had to deal with that too and IQ was already showing signs of fatigue and illnesses....pain in the joints and on the back. Went to see a doctor and was given an MC.

Came Wednesday 6.1.2010, IQ was down and out...fever peaked for him. I was starting to feel the effects too....same symptoms. That night we went to fetch Faiz as he also had fever (but not due to infection from us). Thaqif was recovering but still very weak.

Came Thursday 7.1.2010, I was the only one suffering from the fever....really bad, sweating, headache, nausea etc and luckily I had my maid to give me good body massage. IQ went to work on Thursday for a half day but still not strong enough. Faiz and Thaqif took the opportunity to rest to regain their strength.

Friday 8.1.2010...I was down and out and all I could do was lie in bed!! IQ had to do the running around since he felt a bit okay and took leave that day....which later in the evening, he ended up curled in bed too...demam lagi!! Thaqif was already back to school.

Saturday 9.1.2010, I was okay, IQ was the only one still sick. We sent Faiz back to school and went to visit doctor. We told the doctor the medication that we want and she had no complaint.

By Sunday 10.1.2010 ....everyone was almost back to normal, except for IQ more fever but had uncomfortable digestion and lack of apetite.

Come Monday 11.1.2010, everyone was back on their usual routine....IQ had also recovered significantly.

Glad all of us finally recovered after one whole week of FEVER ATTACK!!!!.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dini back to MTS and Nasi Kerabu Ketereh

The last weekend of the year has always been hectic for us as we have to travel to Kelantan to send Dini back to school. This year was even worse as we need to return to KL immediately for Faiz registration at IQKL. We went back last Thursday, 31 December 2009 and returned on next day, celebrating new year in the car!

On our way to Kota Bharu, we stopped for breakfast at Ketereh. Warung Su is famous for its Nasi Kerabu served with ayam or daging bakar. If you travel early morning along Ketereh, you will not miss this warung. There will be many cars parking along both sides of the road and you can see the smoke coming from kitchen. The place is always full and you have to wait for empty seats. Do try if you happen to be around the area.

We visited our aunty and Uncle in KB before sending Dini to MTS. IQ's aunty just lost her mother few weeks back and we did not have the chance to go back menziarah. So we made a point to drop by to see them. We left around 11am and reached Tanah Merah at 12 noon.

Every year, we will send Dini back a day earlier, so we could have the whole school to ourselves! Well, the truth is, we were there to help her moved all her belongings (study table, book rack, towel rack etc) from her old room to the new room. We will spend time cleaning the room and clear all the rubbish left by the students. It's a pity that the school did not impose the students to clean their rooms before they go off for their holidays. This is one of the things that is lacking in the school administration. Parents sending their kids for the first time will get a culture shock looking at the dormitories! I am hoping that the school administrator will put in a system to ensure cleanliness during the school holidays.

To Dini, this is just the beginning. There are many more hurdles awaiting. Hope you will continue to work hard and keep the momentum going strong.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Faiz first week at IQKL

Our dilemma finally came to an end when we decided that Faiz will go to IQKL, of course after considering all factors and trying all that we could. He understood and accepted the decision with open heart as we had been discussing and talking to him throughout the ordeal.

We knew there were 26 boys and 22 girls who had qualified to join the school but on registration day there were 36 boys' names...certainly more people had came in even after the open day...perhaps some of them were not prepared or expecting other offers which normally happens for the first child.

We went to register him at IQKL on Saturday 2.1.2010 and it was a beautiful day. Tok Wan, Tok and Tok Abah came along to lend the support...all of them were very happy that we have decided IQKL for him. He was in a very high spirit and raring to go.

The registration was smooth, very well managed and I was very impressed. After registration, we went up to his room to unpack his bags...he's in room B2 (4th floor) with 11 other new boys (the room is headed by a Form IV student). The room is nice, clean, tidy and boy to a single bed and a personal metal locker. Of course they share bath and cleaning rooms.

His room mates include a boy (eldest in family) whose dad is an ex MCKK student who chose to send his son through this education system, another is a boy who had just lost his mother and eldest brother 2 months ago in a road accident. He had a scar on his face due to that tragedy ....tragic but the spirit is highly admirable. He was the third of his siblings who studied at IQKL. His two elder brothers have graduated as Al-Hafiz and one of them died in that road accident.

What interest me most is the commitment of 2 Chinese Muslim families who chose to send their boys to this school. One boy is much younger but is already enrolled at this school (both parents are local Chinese Muslims). The other is a boy, whose mother is a Chinese who converted to Islam, whom Faiz met in the cyber world (while playing on line games) a day before they were to actually meet at school...what a coincidence!!! What's important here is that having Chinese Muslim friends would be great for these boys.... There was also Faiz' third cousin (a female student - relationship through Harison), who came all the way from Parit Buntar.

We took the opportunity to go around the school and had the chance to look at the classrooms, science lab, computer room. I can say that the facilities are adequate and good. We finally left at 2pm after a briefing, shopping, lunch and zohor prayers. Both the mom and Faiz did not shed any tears and I'm sure we have chosen the best place for him. However, the home is different without him, of course...

We only heard from him two days later when he called to say that he was doing OK. Not much stories shared during the call. We were glad that he was coping well over there. On wednesday, he called again and this time he didn't sound good. He told us that he was having fever and not sure what to do. We contacted one of the ustazah to check on him and true enough about 10.30pm the ustazah called us to inform that she has brought Faiz to the clinic and his temperature was 40 degree celsius. The doctor gave him 2 days mc and the we were told to take him home. Of course we were glad to see him sooner than this saturday but we didn't want him to miss his orientation. Nevertheless, we went to the school at 11pm and took him back. He also brought along his pail full of dirty clothes...

From his story, we knew that he is enjoying himself in IQKL, meeting new friends and getting use to the daily routine. We hope and pray Faiz will start anew and do well for the next 5 years....insyaAllah.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Majlis Kesyukuran dan Solat Hajat

Minggu lepas, hari Rabu 30 Disember 2009 kami mengadakan majlis ringkas 2 dalam 1 sebagai tanda kesyukuran atas kejayaan Dini dalam PMR dan solat hajat sebelum Faiz ke IQKL. Memang menjadi lumrah bagi orang-orang Kelantan mengadakan solat hajat berjemaah untuk berbagai perkara (masuk sekolah, kereta baru, mengerjakan umrah dan haji, mengambil peperiksaan dan sebagainya).

Majlis ini pun dirancang "last minute", dua hari sebelum. Oleh kerana kesuntukan masa, kami hanya menjemput keluarga terdekat serta kawan-kawan Dini dan Faiz. Kami bernasib baik kerana Pak Ngah masih sanggup menerima tempahan katering pada saat-saat akhir begitu juga Ustaz Fatihi yang sudi meluangkan masa menyempurnakan solat isyak dan solat hajat berjemaah.Apa lagi, kami pun kelam kabut menghantar jemputan dan melapangkan rumah untuk jemputan mengerjakan solat.

Sememangnya Pak Ngah tak pernah menghampakan kami dengan menu yang begitu istimewa seperti nasi tomato, daging kerutub, ayam goreng berempah, udang goreng mamak, acar mentah, dalca daging tetel dan acar buah. Bibik tak ketinggalan menyediakan ikan kering goreng tempe dan rendang daging. Terima kasih pada Tok yang sudi menyediakan pulut kuning dan butir nangka dan Kak Aishah dengan kueh sagu dan cream puff. Memang banyak buah tangan yang kami terima pada malam itu hingga tak cukup meja untuk menghidang kesemuanya. Terimakasih Nani untuk carrot cake, Teacher Mary untuk butter cake dan Kamil untuk cream puff.

Alhamdulillah majlis berjalan lancar dan kepada semua yang sudi menerima undangan kami, terima kasih kami ucapkan dan mohon maaf sekiranya terdapat sebarang kekurangan.

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