Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do you know PIBG/PTA? I'm sure you know...Persatuan Ibu Bapa & Guru / Parents Teachers Asssociation.

If you don't, then its either you've never been to school or you don't have kids in school...or you went to school but you didn't care at all or you have kids in school but you don't give a damn!! Of course, it's more relevant if you have kids in school.

Do you get involved in PIBG? I'm sure every parent would have paid their yuran PIBG beginning of a year and that's it, that is all their involvement in PIBG! Some had a bit more concern and they made a point to attend the AGM, once a year. Some people like to seek for the post and power and some became victims of a couldn't care less get elected all the time as if there is no other person (it's always someone else can do it better than I can attitude). There are committees where decision is not based on pure and honest concensus but rather a one sided affair, the other being over protective and uncooperative...

It is not easy to have a perfect set up but it is not impossible. There are communities who have been able to use the PIBG for the benefits of the students, the school and the community ie meeting its intended objectives.

Do you know what PIBG members should/could do? Many ways indeed, either directly through PIBG or indirectly, as long as what you do is for the good development of knowledge and skills of the students, the school infrastructure and the relationship between teachers, parents and students.

Unfortunately, sometimes the objectives are not met, power is abused, leadership is poor and cooperation is not nurtured. When this happens, the students lose....

As for us, we'll continue to play our role in supporting PIBG indirectly for as long as our kids are in that particular school...who knows what happen after they finish schools.


pibg said...

IQKL PTA's need volunteer to take care of their e-group;

Please help. We can be contacted at

DadaIQ said...

InsyaAllah, we will help where we can. Will contact soon.

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