Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year Fever Attack!!!!

Yes, we welcome 2010 with a bang!!!

After settling all that we had to do with regards to the schools, we were all so eager to start a year but we were very tired, very exhausted...our past postings reflected the amount of activities that we've been doing in December including travelling more then 1,000km every week!!!

On Sunday 3.1.2010, we were in Bangi and Thaqif had a game of soccer in the evening with his cousins in drizzling rain and he ran and ran beyond his normal standard....so you guess, that night he caught fever. Nevertheless, we sent him to school for the first day but had to take him back after the assembly. He continued to have fever peaking on Wednesday after which it slowly subsided. He was back to school only on Friday.

We were busy running around settling matters before we started work on Tuesday. But IQ got early morning pressure on Monday 4.1.2010 after traffic around the school was congested because Badan Kebajikan has not implemented the one way street system....so had to do some answering early Monday morning. Later on Monday, IQ also had 2 meetings which made his brain almost touching the insane threshold!

Then came Tuesday 5.1.2010, we were looking forward to go to work when suddenly we heard diesel engines rumbling beside our house at 4:30 AM ....there was a main pipe burst!!! So we had to deal with that too and IQ was already showing signs of fatigue and illnesses....pain in the joints and on the back. Went to see a doctor and was given an MC.

Came Wednesday 6.1.2010, IQ was down and out...fever peaked for him. I was starting to feel the effects too....same symptoms. That night we went to fetch Faiz as he also had fever (but not due to infection from us). Thaqif was recovering but still very weak.

Came Thursday 7.1.2010, I was the only one suffering from the fever....really bad, sweating, headache, nausea etc and luckily I had my maid to give me good body massage. IQ went to work on Thursday for a half day but still not strong enough. Faiz and Thaqif took the opportunity to rest to regain their strength.

Friday 8.1.2010...I was down and out and all I could do was lie in bed!! IQ had to do the running around since he felt a bit okay and took leave that day....which later in the evening, he ended up curled in bed too...demam lagi!! Thaqif was already back to school.

Saturday 9.1.2010, I was okay, IQ was the only one still sick. We sent Faiz back to school and went to visit doctor. We told the doctor the medication that we want and she had no complaint.

By Sunday 10.1.2010 ....everyone was almost back to normal, except for IQ lagi...no more fever but had uncomfortable digestion and lack of apetite.

Come Monday 11.1.2010, everyone was back on their usual routine....IQ had also recovered significantly.

Glad all of us finally recovered after one whole week of FEVER ATTACK!!!!.


Uncle said...

Dear all.
Alamak, apa dah jadi ni? Take a good rest and drink loads of water....alahai...I pun cakap jer!

DadaIQ said...

Thanks Uncle. That's why we could not have breakfast together2 last weekend. Semuanya sakit and tak ada selera nak makan. We are much better now.

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