Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The first 2 weeks of 2010 has been very slow, lazy and boring... getting used to life without the 2 kids at home, new timetable for the 3 of us at home, recuperating after the one week fever spell....what a challenging start to a new year!

Did some reading....updated myself with the latest issues of National Geographic (bionics, wildlife), books about great Muslim leaders (Khalifah Umar Abd Aziz) and a bit on history of Islam and Society in South East Asia (particularly on how the Western powers separated religious and venicular education in Nusantara - very interesting!). My wife just gave me the latest book by Al-Gore on "Our Choice", what we can contribute to save planet Earth. These helped me a lot in charging up my brain and my motivation.

Watched movies too...Papadom was nice and touching, Pelham 123 was very American drama, (John Travolta swears a lot!) and Avatar has excellent imagination and technology.

Followed the news...early 2010 we were bombared with news of earthquake in Haiti (reminds us of tsunami in Acheh), the use of word 'Allah', tragedies and accidents, never ending coverage on Kelantan (the oil royalty, the royal family), politics, wars and terrorism, continued conflicts around the world, football...

Now its the third week, things are getting better...more lively, more energy, more enthusiasm, better motivation, more settled down, more predictable...reaching a stable state, reaching equilibrium.

Change is certainly not easy and it is not readily welcomed, change is gets harder as you grow older, harder if you're comfortable with where and who you are. But change is necessary and change is dynamic... and there will be no progress and no success without change.


Uncle said...

Dear all.
Memang pun sesuatu perubahan tu memang mneyeksakan...apalagi kalau berubah kearah kebaikan! Termasuklah your truly yang memanjang terbabas! You take care bro!

DadaIQ said...

Dear Uncle,
Your time will come soon bila Azumi masuk boarding school, itu pun if you and Wakana let him.

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