Friday, January 8, 2010

Faiz first week at IQKL

Our dilemma finally came to an end when we decided that Faiz will go to IQKL, of course after considering all factors and trying all that we could. He understood and accepted the decision with open heart as we had been discussing and talking to him throughout the ordeal.

We knew there were 26 boys and 22 girls who had qualified to join the school but on registration day there were 36 boys' names...certainly more people had came in even after the open day...perhaps some of them were not prepared or expecting other offers which normally happens for the first child.

We went to register him at IQKL on Saturday 2.1.2010 and it was a beautiful day. Tok Wan, Tok and Tok Abah came along to lend the support...all of them were very happy that we have decided IQKL for him. He was in a very high spirit and raring to go.

The registration was smooth, very well managed and I was very impressed. After registration, we went up to his room to unpack his bags...he's in room B2 (4th floor) with 11 other new boys (the room is headed by a Form IV student). The room is nice, clean, tidy and boy to a single bed and a personal metal locker. Of course they share bath and cleaning rooms.

His room mates include a boy (eldest in family) whose dad is an ex MCKK student who chose to send his son through this education system, another is a boy who had just lost his mother and eldest brother 2 months ago in a road accident. He had a scar on his face due to that tragedy ....tragic but the spirit is highly admirable. He was the third of his siblings who studied at IQKL. His two elder brothers have graduated as Al-Hafiz and one of them died in that road accident.

What interest me most is the commitment of 2 Chinese Muslim families who chose to send their boys to this school. One boy is much younger but is already enrolled at this school (both parents are local Chinese Muslims). The other is a boy, whose mother is a Chinese who converted to Islam, whom Faiz met in the cyber world (while playing on line games) a day before they were to actually meet at school...what a coincidence!!! What's important here is that having Chinese Muslim friends would be great for these boys.... There was also Faiz' third cousin (a female student - relationship through Harison), who came all the way from Parit Buntar.

We took the opportunity to go around the school and had the chance to look at the classrooms, science lab, computer room. I can say that the facilities are adequate and good. We finally left at 2pm after a briefing, shopping, lunch and zohor prayers. Both the mom and Faiz did not shed any tears and I'm sure we have chosen the best place for him. However, the home is different without him, of course...

We only heard from him two days later when he called to say that he was doing OK. Not much stories shared during the call. We were glad that he was coping well over there. On wednesday, he called again and this time he didn't sound good. He told us that he was having fever and not sure what to do. We contacted one of the ustazah to check on him and true enough about 10.30pm the ustazah called us to inform that she has brought Faiz to the clinic and his temperature was 40 degree celsius. The doctor gave him 2 days mc and the we were told to take him home. Of course we were glad to see him sooner than this saturday but we didn't want him to miss his orientation. Nevertheless, we went to the school at 11pm and took him back. He also brought along his pail full of dirty clothes...

From his story, we knew that he is enjoying himself in IQKL, meeting new friends and getting use to the daily routine. We hope and pray Faiz will start anew and do well for the next 5 years....insyaAllah.


Gylle said...

Hi Dada :-)
Well, IQKL seems like a nice place - ish3 wish it were that nice for us bck then as well :-p. First week tu demam rindu, bukannya aper... hehehe

DadaIQ said...

Hi Gylle
Tq for dropping your first comment :-). It's true, IQKL offers good facilities for the kids. Macam belajar dekat kolej. Tapi eloklah STF tak macam ni masa zaman kita dulu. Kalau tidak, tak belajar lah kita :-P. Time Dini dulu, tak de lak demam2 rindu ni...tak tau lah apasal pulak dengan si Faiz ni.

Nurulms said...

Salam. Hai Aida.. Ummi Firdaus ni menangis sampai bengkak2 mata bila anak masuk IQKL.. Firdaus OK, ummi demam.!:) Ayah plak pening kepala..
Firdaus ok jer.. only the first 2 days dia nampak stressed, penat & first time kena basuh baju sendiri! Then we decided to temporarily do the laundry for him (twice a week) until he's more stable.
Just to share, ada cerita menarik tentang kawan sebilik Faiz yg involved in an accident. I heard people who went for ziarah jenazah abang dia (juga pelajar tahfiz IQKL) could smell bau yg sangat wangi datang dari jenazah.. Bau yg tak boleh nak describe mcmana dan bagaimana ia boleh dtg dari pelajar tahfiz ini.. Subhanallah.. Allah memberi keistimewaan utk hambaNya yg bertaqwa dan memiliki Al-Quran di dada..

Subang Jaya

DadaIQ said...

Salam Nurul,
Alhamdulilah kita dapat jumpa hari tu. All of us lepas hantar Faiz semua pakat demam! My husband yang belum recover lagi. Faiz tu demam sebab seronok sangat flying fox and buat rafting di Ulu Yam. Anyway, kami memang angkut basuh baju dia last week, siap gosok sekali! Memang bertuah budak2 ni.

About aruah abang Ammar, dormmate Faiz, sememangnya Allah swt beri keistimewaan pada dia sebab menjaga ayat2 Al-Quran. Semoga rohnya dan ibunya di tempatkan bersama2 orang beriman.

Jangan risau, IQKL tak jauh, tiap2 minggu boleh tengok Firdaus :-)

Aidy said...

Look like a very nice school but thn hey.. u pay for it so it better be nice :P

Hope Faiz will do well there tho I'm sure he'll miss the computer.

DadaIQ said...

It is should follow us one saturday to visit him and see the place.

The truth is, when he was at home last week, he barely touch the PC. He was playing more with his rubic cube :-P

Nurulms said...

Betul la Aida, last weekend Firdaus showed some changed, lebih byk diam drpd bercakap, did not touched his handphone (although I handed it over to him), didn't switched on the tv or even his favourite PS2 and his laptop is left untouched! Amazing! hehe.. He was only looking for one book that I bought (Kisah Saidina Abu Bakar, sahabat sejati Rasulullah). He read the book until he dozed-off...
Well..I don't expect him to act in such a way all the time.. for me, I'm very open.. Kita mahu anak2 yg berakhlak mulia dan yg paling penting tahu membezakan yg mana baik & buruk.. Sekurang2nya dia memberikan kekuatan spiritual kepada kami di rumah agar berhati2 bila nak buat sesuatu (eg: nak tengok TV lama2 pun terasa bersalah because we know Firdaus is struggling in front of Al-Quran while we're enjoying at home) :)

DadaIQ said...

Salam Nurul,
Tiga hari Faiz kat rumah dia pun tak banyak cakap. Masuk waktu terus solat and ingatkan adik dia solat sekali. I pun tak kisah kalau dia nak main computer ker becoz I know he was struggling in school. In fact, we are trying to fast every thursday sebab ingatkan dia puasa on that day.

InsyaAllah, mula2 memang dia orang akan strunggle dengan hafazan. But when they get the hang of it, it becomes easier. It takes some time. Ini pun based from my experience dengan kakak Faiz. We just need to continue supporting and encouraging them.

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