Saturday, November 21, 2009

UPSR Results...

Faiz @ Hari Graduasi Tahun 6 SKTS, 21.11.2009

The moment that we have been waiting for finally came last Thursday, 19 November 2009 when the UPSR results were announced. That morning after sending the kids to school, both of us went to do our errants. I guess we both were trying to overcome our anxiety. Faiz called us when the results arrived and we made our steps to the hall to be with the other parents who were already there waiting anxiously.

From the expressions of the teachers, I could guess that they were not so pleased with the results and true enough, when Guru Besar finally announced that only 10 students obtained 5As and another 10 with 4A1B as compared with last year when 15 students got 5As. Faiz is not a "star" student like his sister but he has improved tremedously when he was in Tahap 2. He is excellent with Mathematics! During his trial, he obtained 3As and 2Bs and the Bs were for his Bahasa subjects! Worried on his performance in Pemahaman and Penulisan, we decided to send him for extra BM tuition with Cikgu Yazid, hoping he will improve. We were least worried about his Science and English as he always scored A in these subjects.

When the teacher announced the students who got 5As, my heart was devastated when his name was not in the list. My hope was now for the next best - 4A1B. Still, no mention of his name. Almost all of his close friends got their results, either 5As or 4A1B. My heart sank to see his best friends and their parents overjoyed with their sons' success. When the teacher started to announce the students with 3A2B, his name was finally mentioned. Alhamdulillah, it was not that bad after all.

We were surprised that he actually scored Bs for his Science and English, the subjects that he always scored A. He finally told us that he did not do so well in both Paper 2 exams. He surprised us when he got both As for Pemahaman and Penulisan!!! Thank you Cikgu Yazid, Allah swt saja yang dapat membalas jasa cikgu pada anak2 kami. (he is now in Mekkah performing his haj).

I finally broke down when Dini called to find out about his brother's result and not knowing what to say, she text me "Hi Bu, setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya. Dulu Allah bagi cerah, lepas tu tiba2 datang guruh dan ribut petir, semua orang sedih tapi semua orang tak tau yang lepas tu akan datang pelangi....sekarang Ibu redha, nanti dengan keredhaan Ibu ini, Allah akan kurniakan nikmat yang lebih besar untuk Ibu melalui anak2 Ibu..". Thanks Dini for your beautiful and comforting message.

Although we were hoping that he gets 5As (I guess all parents have the same wish!), we accepted it with open heart. We know that he has given his best effort and work hard to achieve the best. He was down and remorse when we came home and I couldn't hold my tears when he hugged and said to me "Sorry, Ibu...". His class teacher, Teacher Mary as she is fondly known, text us to apologise, I guess she knew we were dissapointed. She too did not expect it as he is one of his good students.

Well, it is not the end of the world but just the beginning. His path is still a long way ahead and we hope that he will be successful in his future exams and in life after going through this painful moment. Faiz, we are still proud of you....

To all the teachers who taught Faiz in SKTS Teacher Mary, Cikgu Rahimah, Cikgu Zubaidah, Cikgu Ibrahim and Cikgu Salina, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitmet and support to Faiz. Special thanks to Malkit, Faiz's tuition teacher who has been patient with him all these years.

Friday, November 13, 2009

16th Anniversary...Part II

I was so busy, just couldn't find the time sit down in front of this seemed like 24 hours is just not enough.

I wanted to write about the anniversary...belum basi lagi, cuma nak kena perangat sikit je.

Well my the other half wrote about the long distance love affair, the aerograms and the phone bills...well the road was long and winding, sometimes it was heaven and sometimes it was hell...some were good, some were bad...some you want to remember and some you'd rather forget. That is life...we learnt through it, we evolved with time and we became wiser with experience.

Yes, I did visit Dada's house and indicated my intention to the parents while she was not was actually accepting my dad's challenge and I wouldn't have the courage to do it again! Nak seribu daya.....macam tu la.

I remember one of the craziest things that I was my trip to England to see her back in 1992...took the cheapest flight there was, and fro and met a few students on the same flight, spent 2 weeks over there and visited a few places, mainly football stadiums...Wembley & Old Trafford!! Aerofloat had good pilots but poor aircraft.

Dada's family had some concern of me being a Kelantanese...not common, I didn't know what the concerns really were but that attitude has disappeared now....and I'm not the only Kelantanese in the family.

I also remember when my family wanted to go for meminang Dada in Kuantan...almost didn't make it.....I over slept and the ring was with me!!!! So I had to drive like dad and the ketua rombongan was so furious with was my mistake so nothing much I could say, but we managed to do it as planned.

Another situation was after our wedding in KL, we had to go back to Kuantan for another reception. It was rainy season and we were 12 km away from Kuantan when we saw the road in front was impassable...1 m under water!!! Alamak...macam mana ni??? Orang dah tunggu di rumah???? So we turned back to Pekan and approached Kuantan from Pekan...and that turned out to be one of my scariest driving moments, Dada was just quiet and could not utter any word....the silence was just so deafening. We had to drive through 5 stretches of flooded roads and the last one was deep and the lorry in front of us mampus!!!! But we managed to overcome the challenge and arrived Kuantan safely...

Life continued to be like that for the next 15 years, full of ups and downs and full of challenges. But LOVE conquers all....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

16th Anniversary ~ TQ Note

We had a little celebration last friday night. It was not just the two of us but we invited our karaoke partner, MrNordin and MrsNordin to join us. The more the merrier. Bila umur dah makin meningkat, we prefer to have company and MrNordin and MrsNordin did not let us down and accepted our invitation.

We had a great time singing out hearts' out mostly the oldies number. Those songs that we normally hear from Lights & Easy or Sinar FM, the 80's collection. Biasalah, dah ketinggalan zaman dengan lagu2 terkini. MrsNordin surprised us with a cute heart shape chocolate cheese cake and a card with a gift. We were so touched and grateful for their thoughts. Neither me nor hubby actually buy gift for each other this year! Tak sempat...(or just another excuse!) Thanks BJ and Nordin for your sweet company. Glad to have great friends like you and Nordin.

Our thanks to those who posted their wishes to us and to Abah, love you always.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

16th Anniversary ~ Part 1

Today marked our 16th anniversary. That's the official number! The unofficial is 24th...since we first met 24 years ago when we both were in KPP/ITM, Shah Alam. I know many of my friends met their life partner there including me. At that time, we were only 18. Still young to be thinking of marriage, family and kids. Tapi itulah yang dinamakan jodoh.

It was a long distance love affair and the 8 years before we finally tie the knot was full of challenges. But hubby is loyal to the relationship, it was really extrordinary. Eventhough we were seperated thousand of miles, he kept faithful. He was in New Zealand and I was in UK and at that time our mean of communications were through telephone and letters. There were no e-mail, internet, facebook, twitters, mobile phone like what we have now. Glad we did not have all those stuff, kalau tidak tak graduate lah sebab asyik chatting.

Every morning I would wait for Mr Postman to deliver the aerogrames. There was no mail box then, but the letters were pushed through a hole fixed at the door. So, whenever I hear the "sound", I would rush to the door to collect the letters. That was my daily routine. Hubby loves writing aerogramme and he would number them accordingly. So, whenever I received more than one aero/letters, I would read according to the sequence. Kalau tidak, cerita tak ikut episodlah. The number could reach 450++ a year which means he sometimes wrote more than 2/3 aeros a day...

It was a scary moment whenever the phone bills arrived, every 3 months. Mine alone would go up to 400 pound when our allowance at that time was only 286 pound a month! So, you can imagine how tough it was to settle the bill. Pening kepala....but we managed somehow!!

I was still in UK when my mum called me one day to say that hubby came and visited them in Kuantan. That was a brave move and that took me by surprise. I knew then that he was really serious about the whole thing.

That was my side of the story...I shall let him continue...stay tune,

Monday, November 2, 2009

Reunion of Ex-KUB and KUB at Singgahsana

Yesterday I attended the ex-KUB and KUB reunion at Singgahsana. It was good to see so many ex-KUBs at the gathering. It reminded me of the good old days when KUB had its raya gathering or other events in Singgahsana organized by KUB or its subsidiaries. Thanks to Adam who took all the trouble to organize the event single handedly and to Tuan Hj Rohizan and Nina for allowing us to use Singgahsana and offered attractive discount for the food.

It all started with a small group of ex-KUBs e-mailing each other to wish Selamat Hari Raya. The group then grew bigger and bigger and the list kept expanding to more than 100 people. Many of them from KUB Holdings time like Nurmazilah, Tifla, Imran, Abang Kamal,Shila, Anis, Saifudin, Yamin, Teresa, En Megat Ahmad Sani dan ramai lagi. Adam managed to gather around 50 ex-KUBs and on that day, 8 didn’t turn up. There were more than 100 people in the hall including their family members.

My staff from LSD (Legal & Secretarial Division) Shema, Shida, Azilah, Sue, Ina and Zahrin were there. It was just unfortunate that Zack, Ita, Zulee, Is, Hajar and Fauzi were not there with us. Otherwise, the place would be chaos!!!!! I do miss my time in KUB, it was the best time of my working life. Having them around made work so easy even through challenging time and leadership. We worked as a team and as a big family. Of course the hottest gossip was about my maid! It's been a long time since I saw them. The kids have really grown especially Walid, Nina, Adam and Sofia. We all had a real good time catching up, sampai tak ingat nak balik!!! Biasalah sekali-sekala berjumpa.
Other KUB Malaysia colleagues like Hiruddin, Jaja, Sara, Shahar, Rozliham, Nurmazilah, Anis, Zul, Shila, Tifla, Uzaini were there as well. Nik couldn’t make it as she was overseas and Natrah had to cancel last minute. Ex-staff from KUBTek, KUBD and KUB Realty pun ramai yang hadir. Maaf tak dapat sebut kesemua yang hadir, ramai sangat. For the price that we paid, the spread of food was excellent especially the Nasi Tomato and Cucur Udang. Sambil menjamu selera, kami dijemput ke pentas untuk menceritakan kisah hidup kami setelah meninggalkan KUB. Azilah took the opportunity to celebrate Sara’s 8th birthday. Majlis diakhiri dengan upacara bergambar beramai2.

I hope this gathering will continue for the next hari raya. Selain menjalinkan silatulrahim, ia dapat mengukuhkah ukhwah sesama kita. Kepada Shida yang akan berangkat ke Mekah pada 19 November 2009 untuk menunaikan ibadah haji, semoga selamat pergi dan kembali dan mendapat haji yang mabrur.

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