Friday, November 13, 2009

16th Anniversary...Part II

I was so busy, just couldn't find the time sit down in front of this seemed like 24 hours is just not enough.

I wanted to write about the anniversary...belum basi lagi, cuma nak kena perangat sikit je.

Well my the other half wrote about the long distance love affair, the aerograms and the phone bills...well the road was long and winding, sometimes it was heaven and sometimes it was hell...some were good, some were bad...some you want to remember and some you'd rather forget. That is life...we learnt through it, we evolved with time and we became wiser with experience.

Yes, I did visit Dada's house and indicated my intention to the parents while she was not was actually accepting my dad's challenge and I wouldn't have the courage to do it again! Nak seribu daya.....macam tu la.

I remember one of the craziest things that I was my trip to England to see her back in 1992...took the cheapest flight there was, and fro and met a few students on the same flight, spent 2 weeks over there and visited a few places, mainly football stadiums...Wembley & Old Trafford!! Aerofloat had good pilots but poor aircraft.

Dada's family had some concern of me being a Kelantanese...not common, I didn't know what the concerns really were but that attitude has disappeared now....and I'm not the only Kelantanese in the family.

I also remember when my family wanted to go for meminang Dada in Kuantan...almost didn't make it.....I over slept and the ring was with me!!!! So I had to drive like dad and the ketua rombongan was so furious with was my mistake so nothing much I could say, but we managed to do it as planned.

Another situation was after our wedding in KL, we had to go back to Kuantan for another reception. It was rainy season and we were 12 km away from Kuantan when we saw the road in front was impassable...1 m under water!!! Alamak...macam mana ni??? Orang dah tunggu di rumah???? So we turned back to Pekan and approached Kuantan from Pekan...and that turned out to be one of my scariest driving moments, Dada was just quiet and could not utter any word....the silence was just so deafening. We had to drive through 5 stretches of flooded roads and the last one was deep and the lorry in front of us mampus!!!! But we managed to overcome the challenge and arrived Kuantan safely...

Life continued to be like that for the next 15 years, full of ups and downs and full of challenges. But LOVE conquers all....


Uncle said...

Dear DadaIQ.
Wow...there you go mannnn.....IQ, where is part 3? and 4? and 5?

DadaIQ said...

Salam Uncle,
Rasanya the continuation of Part 3, 4 and 5 will be next year when we celebrate our 17th Anniversary. Nanti next year tak ada story pulak nak share.

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