Monday, January 11, 2010

Dini back to MTS and Nasi Kerabu Ketereh

The last weekend of the year has always been hectic for us as we have to travel to Kelantan to send Dini back to school. This year was even worse as we need to return to KL immediately for Faiz registration at IQKL. We went back last Thursday, 31 December 2009 and returned on next day, celebrating new year in the car!

On our way to Kota Bharu, we stopped for breakfast at Ketereh. Warung Su is famous for its Nasi Kerabu served with ayam or daging bakar. If you travel early morning along Ketereh, you will not miss this warung. There will be many cars parking along both sides of the road and you can see the smoke coming from kitchen. The place is always full and you have to wait for empty seats. Do try if you happen to be around the area.

We visited our aunty and Uncle in KB before sending Dini to MTS. IQ's aunty just lost her mother few weeks back and we did not have the chance to go back menziarah. So we made a point to drop by to see them. We left around 11am and reached Tanah Merah at 12 noon.

Every year, we will send Dini back a day earlier, so we could have the whole school to ourselves! Well, the truth is, we were there to help her moved all her belongings (study table, book rack, towel rack etc) from her old room to the new room. We will spend time cleaning the room and clear all the rubbish left by the students. It's a pity that the school did not impose the students to clean their rooms before they go off for their holidays. This is one of the things that is lacking in the school administration. Parents sending their kids for the first time will get a culture shock looking at the dormitories! I am hoping that the school administrator will put in a system to ensure cleanliness during the school holidays.

To Dini, this is just the beginning. There are many more hurdles awaiting. Hope you will continue to work hard and keep the momentum going strong.


Aidy said...

Cool little warung. The ayam on the grill looks so so appertizing.

Dini's place is sooo clean tp parents plak kena clean kan..aya!

Uncle said...

Dear all.
I had dinner at this private place. It was a Malay Fine Dining. Guess what was served for the main dish? Nasi Kerabu! Brilliant!!

DadaIQ said...

Dekat Kelantan memang banyak this type of warung. Food memang excellent.

What can I say about Dini's place. Sabar ajerlah :-P

DadaIQ said...

Hi Uncle
Is it Restoran Bonda? Nasi Kerabu dekat situ memang best. Especially kalau cukup lauk2 dia macam daging/ayam bakar, solok, ikan rebus goreng, telur masin jeruk bawang putih....memang mengancam.

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