Thursday, July 9, 2009

Half day Family Outing ~ Sg Klah Hot Spring

What can you do with your family for a half day??? Too short?? Let me tell you one of our most favourite half day outing program....Sg Klah hot spring, Sungkai, Perak. We've been there couple of times. Wifey took two bus loads of her colleques there, one of their trips under the sports' club.
What we normally do is that we leave Gombak early in the morning, say 7 am, just nice after Subuh...we bought some tapau breakfast, normally our favourite nasi berlauk....we'll stop by Rawang for the makan. We'll then continue the drive to Sungkai exit, turn left and you'll see the sign towards the place....we should reach Sg Klah around 8.30 - 9 am.

Get the tickets....then go in and park your car. Normally we'll go for celup kaki, masak telur and mandi di sungai air suam...very nice for kids. But before that, we normally go and book a family spa from 11 am - 12 noon. Once dah puas...we'll move to the cold water pool...the slide and the octopus!! Kids would go crazy here...the ladies would normally proceed to the family spa where they can let loose.

By 12 noon, everyone must be damn hungry...we normally have small snack at the cafe before we leave. Leave for home???? Not yet...we'll then drive south to Tg Malim for a very nice lunch. Andrea Restaurant....small wooden shop, but people already que up before the shop even open at 1 pm...the only restaurant in Malaysia where you can see such a demand!!

The food is just unbelievable...rendang ayam kampung is out of this world, name it..they are all very good. They don't serve vege, just mixed sayur rebus and sambal belacan, yummy.

Finally we'll stop to buy frozen pau to bring home...we'll reach home at about 3 pm, enough time for Zohor and enough time to cool off, sit back and relax.

Try it and you will not regret for the restaurant, be there on time...1 pm, otherwise long que.... Bye-bye

Kolam air bukit....nice and cool

Tempat delup kaki...real hot!

Kolam air panas...suam-suam kuku!

Tempat rendam kaki, panas giler...

Tempat paling panas, boleh rebus telur

Kids love this...

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