Saturday, July 4, 2009

Travelog: Umrah Trip ~ 14 June to 25 June 2009

Earlier this year my grandma mentioned about performing umrah and to cut the story short, a team of 5 people was selected to take her there. Hubby, my two elder brothers and my uncle was part of the team and our mission was to bring her there and return home in one piece. Quite a challenging task! Alhamdulilah all went well although there were minor hiccups here and there. Biasalah, my grandma is already 90 years old and she is consider strong and fit for her age.

In Madinah, we decided to get a wheel chair for her. After all, there were four gentlemen with us. At least save her the trouble of walking to the Masjid Nabawi and spare her energy to perform ibadah. It was a good decision although with resistance at the instance. All went well in Madinah until we checked in our hotel in Mekah. To our surprise, the four gents were cramped in a room meant for two! I was lucky to share a room with my grandma. We were fortunate that hubby's good friend in S**R works in one of the hotels there which is just opposite Haram. Another decision was made where my grandma and I moved into the new hotel to allow our room to be occupied by the two gents. That was I thought the best decision we made over there, all for the sake of our grandma.

My only hope is that her wish to perform umrah has been fulfilled and we have tried our best to make that happened. Thanks Tok for giving us the opportunity to bring you there. Semoga apa yang telah kita kerjakan selama berada di tanah haram Madinah dan Mekah diterima oleh Allah swt. Our sincerest thanks goes to U*cl* for all your help throughout our unforgetable stay at Al Safwah. Hanya Allah swt sajalah yang dapat membalasnya.

Grandma and me at Al Safwah

View from Al Safwah

Best photo taken in Masjidil Haram

At Mok Su's house at Ajyad, Mekah

At Mokcik Rahmah house at Khansah, Mekah with Makcik Halimah

Grandma with U*cl* and the team

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