Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goodbye Whittington & Hello Serendah

Next morning we woke up nice and fresh...we were in the clouds....it was misty, foggy, very cool, cheerful with the sound of birds....morning is still the best time...we got to enjoy that after our solat Subuh. We spent some time wondering around the bungalow, breath the fresh and cool air and enjoy the scenic panoramic view of the surrounding hills and the colourful flowers.

At 7.30 a.m., we wanted to have breakfast at the food court but they were not yet opened...too early I guess. So we decided to go again to Shahzan Inn's cafe and it was a right decision....we had good breakfast while watching birds having fun feeding themselves (Shahzan Inn made 2 bird feeding spots beside their cafe for the birds to come and enjoy the food while the guests could enjoy and learn about them too...good concept).

The Bird Feeding area

Outside the coffee house

View from Shahzan Inn

We then took a trip to Jeriau waterfall, 4 km drive through winding lonely roads...important that you follow the road signs. After a short drive, we reached the entrance of the forest reserve...different than the lower altitude forest...some look like a Jurassic Park, again a very nice place. We were the only visitor to the park! Just imagine having the whole place to ourselves, simply amazing! So, we took a walk into the area....very clean, nice pavement and hand rails are built for public....we met one pakcik who maintain the place regularly and had to register our names in a log book...and after 10 - 15 minutes walk, we finally reached the fall....an awesome place for family picnic with small rapids, one natural fall and one man made fall....but going down to the main fall can be challenging for oldies, not so much of going down but the challenge of climbing up! We were there alone...enjoying the noise and the mist..didn't take a dip as we were not prepared for it and it can be very cold. Satisfied with the new discovery, we walked back slowly towards the exit....we met 2 more couples who had just arrived.

The important sign showing the directions
The eerie road to Jeriau

Abah at the entrance

The lane to the falls

The flow of the stream

Scenic view

The smaller fall down the stream

Jeriau waterfall

Abah enjoying the sounds

Natural and man made falls

After we left Jeriau waterfall, we made one last tour around Fraser's Hill. These are some of the hotels and bungalows which you can put up a night or two on your trip here. Since it was already 11.30 a.m. so we stopped at the Food court (already opened) on the way back to the bungalow....for some brunch ie roti canai sardin and coffee. The food here are very tasty and nice. Once done, we drove back to bungalow...packed our bags and ready to leave by 1.00 p.m. We said our goodbye to Annie and hope to come back again very soon...and we headed down to the clock tower to catch the 2.00 p.m. downhill drive window. When we reached the exit, it was not yet the time and since it was already Zohor, we decided to perform our solat jamaah at the mosque together with a few other families. It was almost 2.00 p.m after solat and it was just the right timing to go downhill....and a group of us drove down in a convoy to the Gap and to KKB. At the Gap, we saw many cars waiting for their turn to go uphill...important to plan for the right time to avoid waiting.

RHB Bungalow

Puncak Inn

Pine Resort

Silverpark Resort

TM Bungalow - open to public

On the way down, we did stop at Sg Mangkok recreational area where there is a small waterfall and also at Kg Pertak....trying to look for Sg Chilling fall but it was a bit far inside and I was not prepared to drive on gravel road. Further on, we exited KKB town towards KL following the old road through Serendah, when we again stopped for tea at a stall known as Kedai Pokok Ceri (in front of Serendah mosque) .....popular for rojak mee and mee kari....we didn't know that until we saw many people at the stall....it must be serving good food...and true enough, it did for the last 50 years!!

After the nice tea, we then continued our drive home...coming into traffic jam in Rawang and finally got home at about 5.00 p.m.. It was indeed a short, sweet and memorable outing for both of us....and hope we'll be able to do this again in the future....sharing it with the family.

Sg Mangkuk Recreational area

The waterfall

Sg Pertak

Stop when you see this sign

Kedai Pokok Ceri

The famous Rojak Mee

In existence the last 50 years

Masjid Nurul Iman Serendah

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