Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gombakclan - The Third Entourage to the Holy Land

Time flies so fast since we first brought Tok to perform Umrah in June 2009. Last year in June, the second group of Gombakclanners went and last week, the third group had their chance to perform Umrah. This time Tok sponsored another seven family members, Tok Nana, Mili, Eezan, Lin, Nisam, Yana and Budin. We are so fortunate to be given this opportunity. May Tok be blessed by the Al Mighty for her good deeds and may Allah swt reward her with a place in Jannah and grant her with good health, strength, patience and happiness.

As usual, everyone will assemble at Tok's house to bid farewell to her before they left to KLIA. Those who could not send them off at the airport would say goodbyes here. After everyone sought forgiveness from Tok, Tok Wan recited a short doa and we left in four cars to KLIA. They departed last Monday, 14 March 2011 and due to return on 25 March 2011.

They are currently in Makkah and has performed Umrah several times, alhamdulillah. May Allah swt protect them, accept all their doa and grant their souls with taqwa and purify them with iman.

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