Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 Syawal 1430H...Raya Kedua

Life was supposed to start early on day 2 Raya..but since everyone was very tired and exhausted, it started slightly late...panicky a bit because orang surau nak datang for upacara belah mulut & cukur jambul Farisya!! But it was early enough for Pak Ngah to cook the rice and fried the chicken. The rest have been prepared the night before. We anticipated about 50 people from surau plus nearby neighbours but the guests turned out to be more than that. Apa lagi, macam lipas kudunglah orang dapur to cook another round of nasi lemak. Our guests were patient enough to wait sambil berborak.

The majlis went on smoothly without a hitch and everyone enjoyed the nasi can imagine nasi lemak on second day Raya and after was very tempting!

At about 7;30 to 8 AM, people started leaving after the ceremony ended and we started cleaning up...everybody chipped in and the task became light and easy. After all th guest left, we surprised Pak Ngah with a birthday cake. Pak Ngah celebrated his 40th birthday on 2nd raya. His anak-ank buah yang celebrated birthdays in September tumpang sekaki, termasuklah Cik Dini. The cake disappeared in a split moment!

After a while, the kids started to become restless... they need to have more fun... Raya la katakan, sepupu sepapat pulak ada.... that time depa tak kisah mak bapak dah!! Anyway... they did what they normally like best....mandi dalam pool (pool macam kolah besar je!!!). Hujan ka..panas ka...depa boleh mandi dalam kolam yg tak luas mana pun ie 8 ft (L) x 4ft (W) x 2 ft (D)...kecik je tapi boleh muat lapan orang!!! Tok abah la yg rajin top up 'air' every morning.

So I thought why not bring these people for a better fun?? Waterfall!! We normally go to waterfalls when we have the chance.... Raya would be one of them. So it was a beautiful day, sunny & breezy...perfect for a picnic at a waterfall. The idea was supported without wasting much time, we were on our about 10 AM. We settled for Lata Beringin because it is best for 'mandi & fun'... good area, beautiful water, relatively safe and not too far away.

After 30 minutes, we were at the entrance to the waterfall...looked rough and not properly maintained. We continued onwards...the plants were overgrown and were scratching the car... then we came to a stop!! There's a fallen tree blocking the road....Wow! this is getting challenging. We did not give up....we worked to cut the wood until a Naza Ria could pass through.... the passage was very narrow, deep ravine and the river borders the other side... we required a front guide to make it through!! Phew... one obstacle down!!

We continued further...and stopped again hardly 5 minutes away....this time its for good!!! Landslide!!!! The waterfall is 1.5 km away...uphill....and we thought it was too dangerous to proceed any further with the Group that we have. So we decided to mandi at the spot where we had to stop.... it's a walk down a steep slope, slow but safe....and brought us to a private space at the river bank with rapids shooting on the background...good enough spot for adults and kids.

So the mandi manda began and again it was fun as usual...many were trying to conqouer the and rocky. While everyone was engrossed in the fun...suddenly someone noticed a moving 'wood' in the was actually ular sawa!!!!!! Kelam kabut semua panjat was six foot baby ular did not disturb anyone so we did not disturb it either, it followed the flow downstream...and we continued to mandi. We were creating the loudest noise in the jungle...

After a good one was time to pack and climb the steep slope again, then a drive through the small passage, then it was smooth...good time to sleep for the kids. Sampai rumah...everyone was hungry..... you know what happen next.

3rd Raya is another story....


Uncle said...

Dear DadaIQ.
Wow...upacara "belah mulut" is really SCARY man....enjoyed the story...well explained!Cikgu BIBAH mesti kasi A+ ni...

DadaIQ said...

Memang mengerikan walaupun sebenarnya bagi baby rasa kurma dan air zam-zam. Ada yang panggil "taknik". Tapi sekarang ni dah ramai yang tak buat this ceremony, maklumlah sekarang ni ah zaman IT.

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