Monday, October 5, 2009

Raya Pertama...Hoorrey!!!

Raya has always been an eventful day. Iron baju raya, prepare breakfast, solat aidil fitri, bersalam-salaman, ambik gambar, ziarah kubur and of course makan2...the same activities year in year out.

Semuanya bangun awal dan ada yg solat di madrasah...later we had a light breakfast before solat aidilfitri. Thaqif wasn't sure if he could / should eat that morning and repeatedly asked us "Boleh Makan ke Tak Ni?".

After solat sunat aidil fitri, we had the bersalam-salam ceremony starting with the eldest and ended with the youngest in the family. Of course this is the time the kids have been waiting for....duit raya collection. We all had a good laugh when my kids tertipu with RM100 note with Mr Bean's face instead of the first Agung's face!!! kah!kah!kah!

After salam dan mintak ampun, the house was ambushed with Tok Su's family datang beraya. Tok's Su and her daughter, Kak Long stay next door to us.

After they left, we all closed the house and went to a Photo Shop to capture the family photos. We do this whenever we celebrate raya in Kuala Krai. The cost is so much cheaper than in KL. You could see a group of families wearing all red or purple or green...queing up at the shop. We all came in grey this year. For the first time, the whole family of Haji Danial was dressed in grey...the photos were great!

Later that afternoon, all of us went back to Labok, Machang (Tok Abah's kampung) and the males ziarah kubur arwah tok and nenek. Here, we met Pok Mae's (Abdul Rahman) family and Pok Tar's (Mokhtar) family and beraya with them...the younger girls had a fun time with IQ walking through a river near the house and learning about the ecosystem of the river...they loved it..."Uncle! Jangan la balik lagi!!!' Pok Tar called IQ the 'river man'.

It was short and sweet...that was the first time we met ramai-ramai after so long, we used to do this when we were kids. Of late normally mesti ada time lapse and we missed meeting each other and ended up having to travel to KB or K. Krai.

Traffic was not too bad on first day Raya but it can be really bad day two onwards. Not because of raya but the Kelantanese likes to hold kenduri during raya when everybody is around.

Later in the evening, we all went back home, tired and sleepy. Dinner was mee goreng and nasi goreng....pun licin!!! Then the mercun started to explode again!! I remember when I was a kid, letak mercun dlm tahi lembu...when it explode, the tahi lembu disappeared!!!! Of course....

After dinner, Pak Ngah, was busy preparing Nasi Lemak for Farisya's cukur jambul ceremony the next morning. It's a norm to have cukur jambul & marhaban after solat subuh in Kelantan. Nasi lemak is really good during Raya...sometimes roti cicah gulai pun jadi! Pity Pak Ngah having to prepare the nasi lemak ingredients when others were already in bed having sweet dreams.

Later we all layan English Premier League..Manchester United vs Manchester City...what an explosive game some more!!! IQ's cousin was also there...memang Raya sakan.

Habis la 1 Syawal 1430H and it was full of fun, full of activities and full of meeting people.

Nanti kita sambung cerita Raya selepas iklan ini...jangan ke mana-mana!



Uncle said...

Amboi seronoknya...tak sabar rasa nak balik KL jumpa family. Selalu Uncle cakap nak ambil gambar raya tapi tak pernahnya jadi..

Yan said...

aik ... siap ada iklan lagi. macam pernah ku lihat.

DadaIQ said...

Salam Uncle,
Bila lagi nak ikut style zaman dulu2 when our parents and grandparents ambik gambar di studio. Sekali ni, mesti jadik punyer gambar family Uncle. Jangan lupa post bila dah ambik nanti. Lagi satu, baju kena sedondon, tak kiralah baju kebangsaan kita or baju jepun.

DadaIQ said...

Salam Abang,
Tu IQ yang tulis sebab raya kat Kelantan...nanti kita sambung cerita raya di KL pulak! Tunggu.....

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Hi Dada,

This is Gina. Can you please email me the recipe of your delicious mee bandung, which BJ and I had the other night? Sedaplah!

Email add is

DadaIQ said...

Hi Gina,
Sure...I will e-mail to you. Bil dah tr nanti, jangn lupe invite BJ and I pulak to your house for food testing.

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