Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dini & Gombakclanner's birthday bash

Dini celebrated her 15th birthday on 27 September 2009 but becoz she had to go back to MTS earlier, we decided to celebrate her birthday on 25th instead. I have outsourced the organising of her birthday to my cousin, Ira who celebrated her birthday on 30th September. Since people are still celebrating raya, not all members of Gombakclan attended the dinner. Chop's family and Uncle Onn's family couldn't make it. Only Dini, Ira, Yana and Ewein celebrated their birthdays together. Haz and Harith couldn't join this time round.

Dini invited two of her close friends when she was in SKTS, Awin and Alin and her Pak Teh who celebrated raya in KL. Many lost their way to TGIF since Wangsa Walk just opened on 16 September. The place is nice and the food was good. The birthdays gals enjoyed themselves very much especially during the cake cutting.

Thanks Ira, for organising such a wonderful celebration and Happy Birthday to all Gombakclanners who celebrated their birthday in September.

I know Dini had a great time, she celebrated her birthday again in MTS on Saturday with her friends with a bucket of KFC and a cake from Secret Recipe. It was just unfortunate that she was stung by a bee on her birthday. What a sad ending. Dini, get well soon and all the best for your PMR next week.


Uncle said...

Happy Birthday Girl...and good luck to you!

DadaIQ said...

TQ Uncle (on Dini's behalf). Tolonglah doakan untuk Dini supaya terang hati nak exam nanti.

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