Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 Syawal 1430H...Raya Ketiga

Raya ketiga started as any normal day..early, nice and cool. I planned for a gathering with my primary school friends at lunch today...last night one already dropped by...haven't met him for a long time and he's now with the Fishery Dept in Gua Musang (that can be interesting for kelah fishing and adventure into the Negggiri basin and Gua Cha).

So I had to buy the raw material and Kak Long had to do the cooking (we share the same primary school friends). It was a challenge trying to buy chicken early in the morning...high demand and low suppy so you can imagine people were scrambling for chicken. I was like...'Alamak! Macam mana ni???'. Went to another market nearby and it was also 'nil'...aiseyman!!!! Last choice, I went to the market in town and alhamdulillah...there were abundance!! Phew...lega it was a bit early actually!!

Then there was this thought in my mind, a decision to be made...whether back to KL later today or early tomorrow ....see how things go.

So we had the gathering during lunch time...friends like Azwan, Rashidi, Zulkifli, Ezuddin, Norakbari, Norazmah, Tuan Noor Laily etc ...turned up with their families, so there were around 10 of us, good enough for a small gathering. Although I was able to contact at least 20 and some of them after almost 30 years!!! Most of them no longer live in Kuala Krai...but their memories still do.

We decided to leave that day after the function and packed our things. We left kampung with a heavy heart at around 8pm and reached home around 2am. It was a smooth journey and as usual everyone slept all the way except the driver.


Uncle said...

Dear DadaIQ.
Part nak balik tu memang selalunya berat...same with me here...mmm, what's the plan in December? Any gathering besar-besaran?

DadaIQ said...

Hi Uncle,
Raya kat kampung memang best. the boys memang tak nak balik. Tapi kenangkan Tok Wan and Tok dekat KL yang raya just the two of them, kesian pulak that we decided to leave that day. Kalau nak try raya kat kampung, boleh lah join us in the next two years. So far, tak ada lagi plan in December. We may go for another long distance driving holiday towards Southern Johor. Jom....

Uncle said...

Dear DadaIQ.
Southern Johor? Sounds fun...hmmmm....let's see....

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