Monday, October 5, 2009

Maidless....Part 1

We are without maid now for at least two months! After Nenek left us, I immediately contacted my srikandi friend who handles maid agency for an Indonesian maid. We were so fortunate that there was an Indonesian lady available and we got ourselves a replacement almost immediately. But she was only available for a month as she already booked a flight back home on Merdeka day to celebrate raya with her family. In the mean time, we have to cope without a maid!!!

For someone who has not been in the kitchen for more than 12 years, it is not an easy task to acquire the skills back. It takes time and effort. It took me more than a week to refresh my memory on how to cook and prepare some of the dishes! Hubby is kind enough to lend a helping hand, assist me with washing, watering the plants and handles the rubbish. I used to love cooking before I got married and still remember going to various cooking/baking classes when other gals of my age then, enjoyed shopping and socialising. The first two weeks was disastrous what more with fasting month when you are expected to prepare dishes outside the ordinary complete with kueh-mueh. We had problems adapting to the indonesian style of cooking as we were so used to thai ways of cooking. What more, our x-maid, nenek is a real good cook. I'm trying real hard to do better than her or be at par the least! Because of that, I have to opt for flexi working hours from 7.30am to 4.30pm. Luckily my boss, a british is understanding of the situation. Everyday, by the time I reached home, I was able to cook with all the ingredients already prepared by the indon maid.

This did not last long when she left us on 8 Ramadhan. To make things worst, Faiz was due to sit for his UPSR and PSRA exams in October. Syukur my parents were kind enough to lend their thai maid to us over the weekdays. When she finally went back to celebrate raya, situation was back to square one. My parents had to come all the way from Ampang to wait for the boys to return from school around 1pm and sent them to sekolah agama at 2pm. That was their routine everyday. We are now trying to get the indon maid back but the process is just too complex and costly. Too many conditions and restrictions with so many ways and means to escape these restrictions. We are still looking for the best solution to resolve this maidless problem.

I have gradually improve on my cooking and manning the house and the garden. I look forward to cook now and stay at home over the weekends. Now, after two months, my interest slowly changes from interior decoration/reading to cooking/baking. All raya cookies are home made. Majalah Anjung Seri and Impiana have now been replaced with Rasa and Saji. Hope this feeling remains... and thanks to my hubby, parents and the two boys for the endless support during this trying time.

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