Monday, January 31, 2011

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' A Rainy Weekend ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Abang is home this week after fetching him from school after solat Jumaat. Adik always looks forward to school holidays and what more if Abang is at home. Kakak will only be back on Wednesday this week together with Tok Abah, Tok Mama and Pak Su. Mostly all schools will take a one week break for the Chinese New Year holiday but not all sekolah agama follow the same step, many still observed only the two day public holiday..... but whatever the arrangement is, we've got to manage the time and find the best way to spend quality time together with the family.... it gets harder as the kids grow bigger and it requires a harder effort.

The boys had done their mengaji on Friday night after which we adjourned for a supper at "That Little Gerai" and we met Tok Uncle's family... it was nice to see everyone especially Uncle Len who went for Hajj together with us. The boys left at 6:45 am the next day for the 2 hours tennis session with Ustaz, Pak Lang and a few others...while ibu and nenek went to Pasar Tani Melawati buy some rations for the house. The fridge was already showing some available space and since it's school holidays and we are expecting some visitors later next week, the food stock need to be topped up...furthermore with the CNY holidays, it's always good to keep some spares since many shops will be closed. I took some extra sleep and woke up later to do some garden trimming before everyone came home.

The weekend has been cool and cloudy until the rain started to drop later in the afternoon and it has been rainy (until writing time) with low clouds and no sun since then...just like "musim tengkujuh" in the East Coast in November and December time. We enjoyed watching the Korea Open badminton semi-finals with some hot ubi keledek rebus (bought in Cameron Highland) to come along. We later went to visit Tok Wan in Ampang after they got back from holiday in Sabah and returned home after Maghrib to watch the Malaysian Super League (MSL) opener ie the Charity Shield between the Red Warriors and the Red Giants ... the Giants was convincingly slayed by the warriors! Adik was happy although he dozed off at half time! Wanted to watch the Asia Cup final game but the eyes couldn't stay opened...but it was an excellent and sweet Japanese goal though.

It was still raining on Sunday. We had to go to Pasar Tani Greenwood to get some fish (did not get to buy fish yesterday)...and we got what we wanted. After breakfast, we headed out for a game of futsal with the cousins at Sports Planet Ampang. The boys have been waiting for this and they loved to play soccer against each other..... Pak Lang, Uncle Shady and Tok Jae were there. It was a good 1.5 hour of running, kicking and having fun on the pitch....and it was really worth it. The boys are already asking for the next session...

The Sportsplanet

The Team

From Left: Faiz, Atif, Naif, Naqib, Aiman, Thaqif & Muqhis

From left : Tok Jae, Pak Lang, Uncle Shady, Abah

The team showing off their skills and talents

Lunch was home made laksa penang and ketupat ubi inti pisang....perfect for rainy day! Followed by the Korea Open final between LCW and LD.....excellent game but LD is still superior. Tok Wan and Tok dropped by later after Asar and to our surprise Tok Su and Tok Unggal also came over for a visit without notice..."Melawat orang balik Haji'.... but it was all under control and we have no complaint. We love to have guests at our home especially the elderly, we are honoured that they make the time and take the trouble to visit us all the way from Klang. They left after solat jamaah Maghrib and we later went out for dinner at our favourite mamak shop near Medan Idaman ie Deen.

The lovely couple, Tok Unggal

Tok Su and Tok Su Tahir

Having Laksa Penang & Ketupat Ubi

Enjoying their meals

It was still raining when we got home and got into bed and turned on the TV....chaos in Cairo and revolution is brewing in the Arab World, while in Tenang...BN won the by election with a bigger majority....revolution had not caught up with many of us.

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