Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Brief Journey Back Home!

Our home in Guchil

We had a long weekend break last week when we took leave on Friday, a day after Thaipusam. Initially we thought of doing gardening since we have not done so since we returned from hajj. Some of the plants have overgrown the pots. But both of us were not in the right mood and we ended up resting at home and played with Dijah. Dijah and family stayed with us over the week to avoid traffic during Thaipusam since their new house was quite close to the area. Infact, we had both Yaya and Aaryz at home that week since Pak Teh and Mak Teh were having some problems with the maid. We had so much fun having the kids around. They also enjoyed themselves and Yaya even requested to stay for another night! It's been a while since we have kids running around, playing with toys, screaming and crying.

Aaryz, the cute boy...

Yaya smiling with her paper doll

Dijah smiling ear to ear!

But when they left us on Friday, things were back to normal, quiet and settled down. After returning from the mosque that morning and sending Adik to school, Abah suddenly came up with a wild thought! Let's go back to Kuala Krai!!! So, we started planning what we need to do. There were just too many things happening in the next few days!

We started by informing Ustazah Sek Agama that Adik would miss school that afternoon, cancel tuition and cancel mengaji. One problem left is our normal routine of visiting Abang and sending him his laundry every saturday. Since it was friday, we decided to perform friday prayers at Masjid Al-Ghufran and meet him there. Nenek immediately got all his things packed and we rushed to Giant to get all his stuff before we left for Taman Tun. Of course he was delighted to see us not knowing that he couldn't come back home the next day! After solat, we sent him back to IQKL together with his laudry, one week ration of food and drinks and of course pocket money. So, all settled and we are ready to make our journey back home.

We left around 4.30pm and was contemplating whether to fetch Dini that night or wait until the next morning. We wanted to give her a surprise but dare not take the risk. By the time we reach MTS, it would be close to 11pm and there was high possibility that she would not be allowed to go out of the school. While we mulled over whether to go or not to Tanah Merah, she called! Very unlike her to call us on friday night. So, no more surprises and she was full of life, overjoyed and delighted to know that we were coming to fetch her from MTS. It was worth the 6 hours journey to see her cheery face, smiling ear to ear when we arrived. We had a late dinner at Sri Thai and finally reached Krai around 12 midnight, exhausted after a long trip and hectic day!

The next day, we went to Pasar Pagi to get some rations. This has been our routine for the last 17 years whenever we are in Krai on saturday. We hardly miss Pasar Pagi, the place where we normally buy our stock of ikan kering, keropok, bawang, rempah, nisan, fruits and veges. Sometimes, we even bought plants and other stuff there! The fruits and veges come from southern Thai and are fresh and cheap! They are being sold in bulk by the Thai old ladies, one of them are fondly known as "Mak" by the locals. Sometimes we came across stuff that we never seen before. This time round we stumbled upon Buah Susu, round and purple in colour, Tipin, some kind of mussel but are caught in the river. Of course we dare not try them...

Asyura sold in pieces

Adik and buah susu!

All kinds of colourful keropoks

Variety of kueh Kelantan sold at RM1 for 5 pieces!!!

Ikan sungai...Patin

Kelantan Sweet Delicacies

Ready Packed Food RM2 only

Eel size M or L...alive and kicking!!

Cili Kering...different species!

Pasar Pagi Sabtu

Etok Salai ! Adik and Abah's favourite! Only found in Sg Kelantan

Ikan Patin, Dini's favourite masak tempoyak

Sayur kampung and Ulam2

Tippin from Kelantan River

Pasar borong sayur

The famous "Mak" selling veges to the locals

Makan place after marketing

After lunch and solat zohor, we went to Econjaya, the only supermarket in town and the pride of Kuala Krai. It is also a "must visit" place whenever we are in town. Dini buys her stuff here from stationaries to food, sometimes clothes in case of emergency. Ibu also get her kitchen and household stuff here cheaper than in KL! You will be amazed at the range of things sold here, almost everything under the sun! Our next stop is usually Pasar Krai to get our supply of beras siam. We always have enough stock at home and only in emergency cases, we buy rice in KL. We also get our stock of serunding and other dry stuff we miss from Pasar Pagi. Before we reach home, we must stop at the junction to Krai from Gua Musang (opposite KFC) to buy home made kueh ondeh2 or buah melaka. Prepared and cooked on the spot, nice, sweet and hot!

Econjaya, the pride of Kuala Krai

Krai Town

Pasar Krai where we get our stock of beras siam!

After asar, we made a move to Tanah Merah to send Dini back to MTS. Parting is never easy and this time, it is even harder for Dini. Probably she was too stress with her studies and her new role as the Exco for Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar in charged of economy. Anyway, she will be back soon for the chinese new year break. We finally said goodbye to her and made our journey to Labok to attend solat hajat and kenduri. It was another day full of activities and excitement!

The next day, Tok Mama made capati with potatoes for breakfast. It's Abah's favourite. Around 9.30am, we started our journey back home via Gua Musang - Cameron Highlands - Tapah - Gombak. All in all, we spent almost 10 hours in the car with pit stops at Gua Musang Econjaya and Petronas, Brinchang, Tringkap, Tanah Rata for lunch and Tapah for solat. As usual, the boot was full with veges, flowers and fruits from the highlands.

Although it was a brief journey back home, it was all worthwhile...


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