Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Little Celebration @ TROM (The Republic of Meat)

We had a little celebration on the New Year eve, 31 December 2010. Not so much to celebrate the New Year 2011 but to celebrate Dini's achievement in her Sijil Menengah Ugama (SMU) exam which was announced the day before. We had a late dinner at The Republic of Meat (TROM@Melawati), a new restaurant located along Jalan Kedah, Taman Melawati serving western cuisine with high quality meat. We were introduced to TROM by Ibu's ex-colleague who is the co-owner of TROM@Melawati.

TROM@Melawati offers various types of steak menu such as waghyu tenderloin, rib eye and sirlion. They also serves grilled salmon, burger, pastas as well as appetizers, soups and desserts. We were told that the menu will be expanded soon to include breakfast and lunch and at a later stage, they intend to sell meat to its customers. They infact have a butcher room fully equipped! Eating in a nice ambience, good food with lovely presentation come with a price but it's worth the money spent. So, plan your next eating out at the TROM@Melawati.

A bit on the SMU exam. It's not an exam from the Ministry of Education rather from Yayasan Islam Kelantan (YIK). Some states like Selangor, it is under JAIS and is known as Sijil Menengah Agama (SMA). For SMU, the subjects include Nahu & Soraf, Hadis & Tafsir, Feqah & Tauhid, Mutholaah (Kefahaman) & Insya' (Karangan), Akhlak & Tarikh Islami (Sejarah), Balaghah, Adab dan Nusus (Sastera), BM and English.. BM and English are in accordance with SPM format. The subjects are taken from Al-Azhar syllabus and are taught in Arabic except for BM and English of course!! So, you need to be fluent in Arabic in order to sit for the exam. Not just that, for MTS and other tahfiz students, they are also tested on their hafazan Al Quran up to 15 juzuk. You can't afford to fail Al Quran, since failure in Al Quran means you fail the whole exam, that's the condition. It is tough and challenging.... The grading accorded to the students is Mumtaz (A), Jayyid Jiddan (B), Jayyid (C) and Maqbul (D).

On 30th December 2010, Dini received her results i.e 9 Mumtaz and 1 Jayyid Jiddan with overall grade of Mumtaz. Alhamdulillah. We are more than happy with her achievement especially her ability to write, speak and comprehend the Language of Quran. Hope she will continue to master Arabic and put it to good use later on. It is not so much the results but the knowledge acquired which not many have the opportunity to learn.

As a token, we presented her with a little gift. Thanks Kakak for your effort, hard work and determination to excel. You made us proud...hope you will continue to work very hard for your SPM this year which results will determine your next destination and route to achieve your ambition. Always be thankful to Allah swt for His blessings. Good Luck Kakak and our prayers are with you always.


Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Dada,
Congratulations to Dini. U must be very proud of her, Kak Dada. I yg membaca ni pun tumpang bangga with her achievement.Tak sumer org boleh excel in both agama & normal school subjects.


DadaIQ said...

Waalaikumsalam Zah
Thanks Zah. Will convey that to Dini. The reason why we share her success story bukan tujuan riya' but to share with others the opportunity yang ada if they wish to take this route i.e belajar tahfiz, agama, arab and academic sebab tak banyak sekolah yang offer balance education between dunia dan akhirat. There are still a lot out there yang rasa it's a bit too much for the students but the result speaks for itself.

Uncle said...

Well done Dini....Uncle is proud of you....

TROM? Hey why not try another tiny cafe which i'm going to open soon in bali, ubud to be precise? Plan your next holiday mate! Bring all along!

DadaIQ said...

Hi Uncle,
Saw your postings on your trips to Bali. Didn't know that you will be moving there to set up a cafe. InsyaAllah, our next wedding anniversary we will be in Ubud :-)

melawati.girl said...

congratulations to ur daughter!
do u mind me asking though, how is the price range over there?

DadaIQ said...

Hi Melawati Girl,
Sorry for not responding earlier. TROM sells quality meat and that is reflected in the price. Waghyu is around RM150 per plate and rib-eye and striplon is around RM70 to RM80 per plate. Have a go, it's worth the money.

thanks for dropping by.

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