Monday, June 28, 2010

Knowing Singapore - Day 3 & 4

Today, the third day, 14 June 2010, was supposed to be the highlight of this whole visit and the kids were looking forward to enjoying themselves in and around Sentosa Island.

So we started early again, took a taxi straight to Resorts World @ Sentosa.... I normally gave tips to those taxis who were willing to take us to our destination since they use more common sense!). It was a smooth ride in the morning into Resorts World and stopping at the Casino entrance before walking further up to the Universal Studio.....first look, we were impressed by what we saw, just like the one in Los Angeles with the blue globe turning outside its entrance.

People were already coming in although the tickets counters were closed....8,000 tickets are sold out daily and you need to book in advance and better through internet. So we went in and got SD10 dollar voucher for every guests (SD5 for food and SD5 for souvenirs)....and the fun and exploration began. We decided to go right after the entrance...passsing through the streets of New York before we arrived at Sci Fi City or the Battalestar Galatica area and we took a spinning ride on 'Accelerator'....the tickets have included all the rides in the park. The Human and Cyclone ride were still under testing and not yet opened for public....that could be interesting rides.

We moved on to the next one ie the Ancient Egypt, Revenge of the Mummy....there were a few rides but everyone, except me (jaga bag), went for the thrill ride in total darkness and they came out pucat lesi and looking at their photo, it must have been quite a scary ride! We continued enjoying ourselves around the park and shooting lots of photos and our next destination was the Lost World at the Jurassic Park....probably the best ride in the park is this one. There were the water ride and the sky ride.... we went on the Rapid Adventure but the waiting time for Canopy Flyer was just too long. The Rapid Adventure ride was fun, scary and wet....some people bought poncho but we decided not to.... at the end of it, I had to wear slippers when my shoes were soaking wet! We did not cover the Waterworld, Hollywood and Madagascar, save it for the next trip.

After that it was the 4D Shrek movie at the Land Far Far Away, another fantastic fun with all the water and air effects. We decided to have lunch at Casa Del Wild, somewhere near Madagascar (it serves halal food) before completing our tour of the Universal Studio. We had fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. So we checked out of Universal Studio, hop on the monorail and headed towards Beach Terminal and took a bus to the Underwater World. Spent sometime enjoying the underwater world plus the seal and dolphin shows until around 4.00pm. We did our jama' qasar in one of the Nursing Room at the Underwater World.

Once done, we hopped on the bus again and headed towards Imbiah Point where we visited the Merlion statue, took the sky ride and the kids enjoyed the luge ride downhill. The sky ride offers a nice view of southern Singapore and the beach, so we stayed on to watch the Songs of the Sea until dusk....another fantastic show of water fountains, lights and fire. After the show ended, we had to cram into the monorail on our way out from Sentosa to Vivo City....pack and humid with all kinds of smell.

Reached Vivo city and had dinner at Pizza Hut..... nice and satisfying. Then it was a challenge trying to get a taxi/bus back to the hotel....we moved from one station to the other across the road, got onto the 97 bus and headed towards Marina Bay then got a taxi back to hotel. Tiring but satisfied with the coverage today.

Next morning, we woke up early and it was raining all day. We chartered a 7 seater taxi to bring us to Vivo City, Harbour Front since we'll be going back by Aeroline. We had lunch at Burger King before embarking on the journey back home exactly at 2pm. We stopped both at Tuas and JB for immigration and custom check. There were African families in our bus and we met some interesting Italians along the way. We reached KL just before Maghrib.....and Pak Lang came to fetch us.

What a holiday and Singapore was a good choice for this trip.


Uncle said...

best sungguh...memang adventure baca cerita ni...terasa macam ikut trip tu sama2!

DadaIQ said...

Memang adventurous our trip this time sampai pancit kaki sebab banyak sangat berjalan but its worth it. Good exposure for the kids.

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