Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gombakclan Birthday Bash @ OneStep

The Gombakclanners celebrated their birthdays at One Step Western last Wednesday, 23 June 2010. This time it is to celebrate Tok Nana and Aunty Shasha birthdays which fall on the same day, 27 May, Tok Papa on 18 June and Abah on 27 June. Since the opening of One Step, not many of the Gombakclanners had the chance to try the food and it was a good opportunity to introduce One Step to them. It was Ibu and Tok Mamie's idea of hosting the celebration at One Step.

Although the invitation was on short notice, all of them except for Aunty Yana (missing in action!) were able to make it. Tok Nani, Tok Mamie, Tok Nana and Tok Onn families accepted the invitation and at the same time pre-ordered the food. We wanted to invite Uncle Chop and family but since it was on a weekday and they were at Putrajaya, we did not want to trouble them to come all the way to join us.

The Chef, Uncle AP was delighted with the news and immediately went to the restaurant to do the preparation. 6 lamb chops, 5 steaks and 4 chicken chops plus mushroom brushetta as the appetizer were more than enough to keep his kitchen occupied that night. What more with the astro supersports finally installed and the big screen projector he rented from Giat Mara enough to attract the crowd to watch football while enjoying their meals. This time, instead of using the gas to grill, he used charcoal to grill the meat.

As usual, every birthdays must come with a cake. Aunty Ira was kind enough to bring along a nice chocolate ice cream cake from Haagen Daz and Tok Nana added JCo doughnuts as our dessert that night. After the cake cutting, we stayed back talking while watching the World Cup Match between England V Slovenia and during the first half break, we said our goodbyes.

Thanks to everyone for coming and to Tok Nana, Tok Papa, Aunty Shasha and Abah - Hope you all had a good time and good food last night. Happy Birthdays and may you all be blessed with taqwa and imam and of course with good life, good health and wisdom. To Uncle Chop who celebrated his birthday on 26 June, Happy Birthday to you too and hope that you had a wonderful celebration.


Chopee said...

Thanks for the bday wish. Gombakclanner Putrajaya chapter pasti akan ke OneStep some time soon. Although I may have missed out on the lamb and chicken chop, but I had one big lobster lah! hehehe so it's all good!! :)

DadaIQ said...

Dear Chop
Hope you can find the time to try the food at OneStep, although it will not be as great as the lobster you had on your birthday. That must be one hell of a celebration :-)

Uncle said...

hey...where is this OneSteP?

DadaIQ said...

Hi Uncle,
Please go to our earlier posting on OneStep. It is actually Pak Ngah Restaurant (the composer yang banyak buat lagu irama melayu tu). It operates suring the day and at nite, AP takes over to serve Western Food. Location is behind Kenny Rogers at Setapak, Jalan prima Setapak 4.

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