Thursday, June 24, 2010

Knowing Singapore - Day 2

Day 2 was Sunday, 13th June 2010 and it was going to be another hectic day. We woke up early with enough rest, had breakfast in the room as well as at the was another bright and sunny day.

Our plan today is to cover as much as possible so we headed out of the hotel at about 8.00 am walking towards the Lavender MRT station, was a very good exercise. We took the east west line headed towards Boon Lay and it was a nice eastbound trip on the MRT, partly underground and partly above ground. We disembarked at Boon Lay and walked further to the Jurong East bus terminal, where we took a bus to the Jurong Bird Park (JBP). We were very impressed with the bus station...systematic, clean and on schedule.

At JBP, we bought tickets for JBP, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari...cheaper if you buy all three in one! So we spent some good time inside the park watching the bird show, hopping on the panorail and walking around the park....again we were impressed with the quality of the park, cleanliness and its maintenance. Once done, we thought of continuing to Singapore Zoo but we were too tired of watching animals and we decided to see people instead.

So we took a bus back to Jurong East terminal before embarking on another bus headed towards Orchard Road. At Orchard road, we were looking for lunch and we found good halal restaurants at level 5 of the Far East Plaza, near Hyatt Hotel. After some rest and satisfied with the food, we had to look for place to do our to the Hyatt I went to ask but they were just too ignorant and arrogant but alhamdulillah, we found a surau located at 1st Floor of the Royal Plaza Hotel (perhaps the only one surau along Orchard Road). Lega....that's the feeling after we've completed our obligations to the Creator.

Next we decided that we should go to the Night Safari, back to seeing animals but at least this is at night (nocturnal ones)! We again took the MRT from the Orchard station (so crowded!) and headed north towards Ang Mo Kio where we disembarked and got onto another taxi towards the Singapore Night Safari. It was already 6.00pm and people were starting to trickle in.

It started with a show by the Borneo aborigines people at the entrance of the Safari then we took the tram to move around the Safari and we ended our tour with the Creatures of the Night show.... again, we were impressed with the quality and delivery of service, simply world class.

The Safari actually provided bus service after the night show for those heading into town. So we took the bus and headed towards Mustafa Centre..... just to grab some dinner before we walk back to the hotel. Since this was our second time at the same restaurant, the lady taukey recognized us and was happy to render her service to us although she's the boss!. Talking to her, Thaqif reminded her of her no wonder.

So we walked back slowly to the hotel passing through a shop where many people were gathering by the road side watching the World Cup....but not as many as last night since tomorrow is a working day in Singapore. We safely reached the hotel, took a rest, shower, solat and slide into our bed......and the vibrating sounds of the airways began.

Another tiring and fulfilling day in Singapore but always looking forward to the next day.


Uncle said...

alamak...tak payah pergi singapore la aku...baca ni pun dah cukup...

DadaIQ said...

Hehehe...orang tua macam kita memang cukup but for the kids, they want to feel the experience and fun...

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