Friday, June 4, 2010

One Step Western

The Chef!

One Step Western @ Pak Ngah corner

One Step is Uncle AP’s new place where he and his friend, the restaurant owner team up to offer western dishes at night. During the day, the restaurant operates like other normal malay restaurant selling malay food. Only at 6pm, Uncle AP will take over and serve western food to his customers. One Step is located at Jalan Prima Setapak 4 somewhere behind Kenny Rogers Restaurant along Jalan Setapak. The name “One Step” was the idea of Abah who thinks that the words can either mean its location in Setapak or Uncle AP’s first step in going on his own.

He started his business mid of May this year and we helped him beef up the place here and there and have chosen Orange as the theme colour. To save cost, Ibu used her creativity to designed the Menu. So far the response has been encouraging although there are times when business is rather slow. Being a malay restaurant in Chinese dominant area, it is not that easy to attract the Chinese customers to come. Majority of his customers are the people who come to Pak Ngah’s studio located at the first floor for their dancing lesson or practice. Pak Ngah, the composer has been to One Step several times and a few artists who went to the recording studios upstairs. Not bad right for a start!

One Step
serves only western food, something that Uncle AP is very good at. Although he can make excellent steaks, he can’t make really good steaks with frozen beef at cheap price. At the moment, he is still experimenting different kind of beef for his steak menu. His best selling so far has been the Chicken Chop and for me who never like Chic Chop, after tasting his, I fell for it almost instantly. It is crispy at the outside and juicy in the inside and it taste great with his black pepper sauce and coleslaw and fries as the sides. Our other favourites include Mushroom Bruschetta and his beef burger, the beef patty is even bigger than McD Quarter Pounder. He already has regular customers for his burger. Come and try them yourselves. It’s Fresh, Exciting and Satisfying (that's the tag line!).

Sirlion Steak RM19

Chicken Chop RM12

Lamb Chop RM14

The Banner

Chef and Chef to be in action!!!

Chef and Ibu

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