Saturday, June 19, 2010

PKHM@ SV - Day 2 (Kuala Sepetang)

After a tiring Day 1, everyone had a very sound rest, nestled between the hills.

We woke up early next morning for Subuh to the breezes and sounds of the jungle and the flowing stream.... Tok Su & Kak Long were already walking around the villa admiring the landscape and the arowana fish while inhaling fresh cool oxygen rich air.

From the balcony, we saw our dayang2 (the maids) busy preparing our breakfast, nasi lemak.

After a good rest and nice filling breakfast, we visited the Matang Mangrove at Kuala Sepetang. We reached at 10am and took a stroll along the wooden deck, which is quite long (3 km), so we decided to stop at one of the rest areas entertaining Tok Abah & Tok Mama while the kids continued on.

Matang Mangrove is the largest single mangrove in Peninsular Malaysia, covering an area of 40,151ha. It is one of the world's best well-managed mangrove swamp and Perak received various international awards for it. Since World Environment Day fall on 5th June every year, it was an appropriate time for the younger generations to learn more about environment conservation and mangrove ecosystem. It was a wonderful forest full of Bakau Minyak and we saw a few brave boys searching for mangrove seeds which they could sell for some pocket money...which could reach RM 50 per day (good conservation efforts involving the public).

Before we left, we met Bab (Dada's cousin in Taiping, a photographer who was shooting pictures for a newly wed) and Mat Yu arrived with his family and two of Kak Ani’s sons. The fun just got better.... the more the merrier.

Since it was already noon, we did not miss the opportunity to try the famous Mee Udang Mak Jah for lunch. The place was haywire when our group of 40 people arrived. The Mee Udang should instead be called Udang Mee because of the prawns overwhelmed the Mee! Thanks Tok Jae for taking up the bill.

After a short rest at the villa, we got down to Telematch! There were lots of prizes and everyone was in blue. The kids started the telematch with 4 games, burst the balloon, sweet platter, bawa guli dalam sudu and jigsaw puzzles. The boys got into World Cup Explorace, divided into 2 groups. They have to collect as many points to win the World Cup Champion Trophy! They started off by answering WC quiz, Dressing the Mummies, Water Bottle, Penalty Kick and Bomb Shell. After an intense and emotional battle.....Faiz, Atif, Amin, Muqhis and Hafiz from 'Vector 7' team won the race! The losing team, Sector 7...Naif. Thaqif, Aiman, Aizat and Naqib couldn't accept the defeat!!!!

For the adults, there were Water Bomb, Romantic Balls and Bundle Shoes. Ibu and Mak Lang won the Water Bomb game and as usual Pak Lang won the Bundle Shoe game!

After the telematch, we had a group photograph and later assembled at the Family Chalet for prize giving ceremony. Everybody enjoyed themselves and we had lots of fun...even the slight rain (Bukit Larut is known for rain) did not damper the spirit! It was then into the stream again....mandi time!! At this juncture, Mat Eid and family from Parit Buntar arrived to join us for the BBQ....thank you for coming.

The BBQ Night was the highlight of the family holiday....exclusively prepared by Pak Ngah assisted by the dayangs, Pak Teh and Tok Jae. We wanted the girls and the boys to perform that night but we just did not have the time to train them for the performance. Pak Lang was the MC for that night and he started off by inviting Tok Abah to say a few words and telling us about 'Hj Maa'rof'. After the first round of BBQ and a lucky draw, Abah took the hailer for the Mind Teasers session...which Pak Ngah showed his hidden talent by answering the first few questions.

Later the night, Pak Lang invited those celebrating their birthdays/anniversaries in May/June for a cake cutting ceremony, then, it was the best dress winner category, and finally the special awards. “Yang Paling Jarang Balik Kampung” went to Pak Teh, “Yang Paling Ramai Maids” went to Pak Ngah, “Yang Paling Sikit Anak” went to Pak Lang and “Yang Duduk Paling Dekat Dengan Rumah Mak” went to Kak Long. It was a nice suprise and was funny too.....Ayah Su and family joined us later the night from Bukit Mertajam (thank you for coming).

It was already midnight when the noise died down and the BBQ pit still giving out smoke... everyone was back in his/her nest, resting, recovering and recharging. It was a full, exhausting and satisfying day 2.

To be continued....


Uncle said...

amboi...tak tahu pulak yang tempat tu yang rasa macam nak pergi ni...

DadaIQ said...

Sentosa Villa opened for public in Sept 2010 and we were the 4th family that did the family day there. Memang best and we are satisfied.

DadaIQ said...

Sorry Uncle, it was opened Sept 2009 :-)

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