Sunday, June 20, 2010

PKHM@ SV - Day 3 (Bukit Larut)

In life...whenever there is a meeting, there will surely be goodbyes and separations, like it or not, and there is no exception here.

Third day was very much a laid back day, everyone taking time to rest a bit more, staying in bed or balcony after Subuh, chit chat....contemplating when we can do this again, where do we go from here and whether we had achieved our objectives through this event.

Breakfast was pulut with sambal tumis and ikan one complaint, fantastic!

The fun has not ended yet... the final destination was Maxwell Hill / Bukit Larut. Majority of us went for the ride up Maxwell Hill but some remained at the villa to do some packing since we'll be checking out later the day. You need to book to go up Maxwell Hill and normally the authority will prepare the jeeps! (of course you'll need to pay Adult RM4 and Kid RM2). So 2 jeeps (all boys were in one jeep and was entertained by the 'Schumacher' driver) took the group screaming up the winding roads of Maxwell Hill through 93 corners before they reached the peak at 1039 M above sea level....nice, unspoilt and cooling and the view stretched out from Taiping town to Kuala Sepetang and the Straits of Malacca.... simply breathtaking.

After spending some time at the top, the group climbed back into the jeep and continued their journey downhill. Back at the villa, the packing was done and everyone was ready to go. We gathered one last time at the main Family villa before we disassembled.

Everyone took time to say something about what they feel of the gathering and on overall, everyone was satisfied, happy and supportive of future larger family gatherings...insyaAllah that will materialize one day.

After settling the bills, Pak Teh had to leave early and off he went. The rest continued to convoy into town, looking for Cendol Bismillah. We did find the stall and stopped for some great cendol and laksa...just nice to cover the stomach before the next stop.

At Taiping toll, all of us headed south while Tok Jae and Tok Yu headed North (Tok Jae to Gurun and Tok Yu to Kelantan via East West highway). Upon reaching Simpang Pulai exit, we continued to head south while Tok Abah and Tok Mama as well as Tok Su and Kak Long headed towards Kelantan via Cameron Highlands.

We reached home at about 6pm, tired but satsified that the objectives have been met...bringing the family closer together, building the bond of the past for now and the future.

So that was the first proper family gathering for Hj Maa'rof's family.... and we hope that will not be the last time.

Thank you all for the cooperation, understanding and the FUN.

P/S For those interested to see Sentosa Villa, please visit their blog at or their website

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