Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rubeeyah Talapa-Alen @ Nenek

Rubeeyah or fondly known as "Nenek" has been our maid for 12 years. We were introduced to her by an indonesian maid who worked with our neighbour when Faiz was born. That was in 1997. We were so relief when we found her because we don't have to go through the hassle of going through an agent to get a maid. We did everything ourselves and along the way, learnt the process of getting a work permit for a maid. It's so much cheaper and less headache.

Nenek is brave, terrific, an excellent cook and a great gardener. She did everything for us, taking care of the house and garden, looking after our kids and cook real good food for us. You just name it, thai food, kelantanese food, masak kampung etc. She has great passion for cooking except for western cuisines and baking. But that is more than enough for us. Whenever Dini is back, she will cook her favourite dishes, ikan patin masak tempoyak, ikan keli masak cili and ikan terubuk bakar. We will miss her cooking during this coming ramadan, daging bakar, ikan bakar, puteri mandi, lompat tikam and biji nangka, just to name a few. We have beautiful garden and compliments all go to her. She has green fingers and love plants. We have no worry leaving the house whenever we go out or balik kampung. Infact, we trust her with our kids when we both go on our holiday. We left our kids with her for 2 weeks when we went to umrah recently. Everything was in order on our return.

We visited her home in Yala Narathiwat some years back and stayed there for a couple of days. We truly had a great time and were touched with the hospitality extended to us. Her father, step mother and family members treated us so well that we told them we would visit them again. Last year, we brought her along to visit Egypt and performed umrah. It's just a token of our appreciation for all the good deeds that she has done to us.

She finally said goodbye to us last sunday. Thank you nenek for all the things that you have done for us for the last 12 years and forgive us for our shortcomings. Semoga Allah swt sajalah yang dapat membalas segala budi baik nenek. Jasamu sentiasa kami kenang.

At a beach in Songkla

At kampung Nenek in Yala, Narathiwat

IQ and Nenek's father (in kain pelikat)

Nenek inaugral flight to Cairo

At the Spinx

At Pyramid, Giza Plateau

Mum, me, Dini, Aunty and Nenek at Masjid Nabawi

Ladang Unta, Hudaibiyah

Nenek and Adik

BBQ at home


MrsNordin said...

Ahh... this is so sad. I have tears in my eyes! I shall miss her too!

DadaIQ said...

This is part and parcel of life. They come and go. My only wish is to give her a proper goodbye. Hope she will find a better job elsewhere and a better life.

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