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The ESQ Way 165 ~ Feel the Experience

It all started when hubby attended ESQ training organized by his employer in March this year. It was a three day programme from 8am up to 7pm Friday to Sunday. Sound hectic right? It was difficult to set that 3 days for training!! Every night when he came back from the training, he would tell me all about it, the trainers, the course content and most importantly the impact it had on him. He kept telling me that I should attend and that all our family members should also attend. Out of curiosity, he took all of us for the preview soon after he completed his training and there I realized that I should without delay attend the training.

So what is ESQ? It’s a short form for Emotional and Spiritual Quotients. It’s a combination of EQ and SQ. Of course we are all aware of IQ, I mean the Intelligent Quotient and not my hubby! ESQ leadership training was introduced and developed by Pak Ari Ginanjar, an Indonesian Muslim who started this from his searching for the purpose of life. The ESQ way stands for 1 Ihsan, 6 Rukun Iman and 5 Rukun Islam, the basic fundamentals of Islam. It’s about having all the three quotients (IQ, EQ and SQ) in order to build good character and lead a meaningful life now and in the Hereafter.

Based on his extensive and continuous research, Pak Ari has developed the ESQ model in 2000. The 3-day training took us through a process to zero the mind (Zero Mind Process – ZMP) and to apply Rukun Iman and Rukun Islam in our daily lives. Of course this training was developed from the Islamic perspective supported with Al-Quran and Sunnah but it was transformed into seven core values in life – honest, responsible, discipline, teamwork, fair, visioner and care. This way, the training is universal and can be attended by the non-muslims and not restricted to only muslims. You can find out all about ESQ from the links in this blog. The ESQ training started 10 years ago and so far has attracted more than 750,000 alumnus all around the world. I doubt there exist a training that could match the ESQ training.

In summary, the training comprises:-

1 Value – How to feel God consciousness through three modules - Inner Journey, Outer Journey and Zero Mind Process. 6 Principles on how to internalise the core values -Star Principle, Angel Principle, Leadership Principle, Learning Principle, Vision Principle and Well-Organised Principle. This is followed by 5 Actions on how to sustain the principles and core values with Mission Statement, Character Building, Self-Controlling, Strategic Collaboration and Total Action...looks land sounds like modern day management and leadership training.

So what did I get from the ESQ Training which I attended from 1 to 3 May 2009? To be honest, I actually discovered so much and I was so grateful to Allah swt for giving me the opportunity to attend the training. The training itself made me realized who I really am in this whole wide world. It helps me get closer to Allah swt and Prophet Muhammad pbuh and understands Asmaul Husna (99 sifat Allah swt).

We have asked our uncle, aunty, our brothers and our kids to attend. In fact, we wish to share this experience with the rest of our family members. My hubby's company even sponsors family members to attend for free as part of their CSR. Large Malaysian companies (GLCs) have made this training compulsory to all its employees..that shows something.

I also made lots of friends there, Nura, Aisyah and Aunty Fatimah to name a few. Nura, a muallaf told me that she was so grateful to be granted “hidayah” from Allah swt to embrace Islam and the training helps her appreciate Islam better. For me, it’s the new approach of understanding Islam.

Of course there are numerous feedbacks on the training, the goods and the bads, as long as it doesn’t breach any “syariat” and hukum Islam, that is fine with me. You can read feedback from Ustaz Zaharuddin, who attended the training with me in his website and comment from Mufti Perak who attended recently. Kalau pun ada negatif komen about ESQ, kita sendiri boleh menilai dan mengambil mana yang baik buat pedoman hidup kita.

One bonus thing about this training is that you need to pay only once and upon becoming an alumni, you can attend and recharge anytime you wish. I personally felt that the sessions are worth more than the fees you pay to attend the training. I for once am totally impressed with the trainers. They are well qualified, humble with excellent deliveries. Most of them are Indonesian and they deliver in both Indonesian language and English. They support their delivery with several gigantic screens, high impact multimedia and high powered sound system to make it more effective.

This is really 21st century stuff, applying Islam as the way of life.....developed in the East based on Islamic models and will be relevant to the whole world, it will be something the West will have to learn from the has that kind of potential.

You've got to feel the experience….

Group photo of ESQ Angkatan 31

Aisyah, Nura, Me and Aunty Fatimah

With Muqarrabin, Pak Raman and Pak Rudi


Yan said...

Rajinnya mengupdate blog, kalau macam ni lebih baik isikan counter dan shoutmix. Pergi ke dan Register. Senang untuk buat survey dan refer pengunjung ke blog kita.

DadaIQ said...

Dah buat dah pun, tapi tak tau kenapa dia terletak di bawah sekali. Tak pasti macamana nak letak di tepi. Belum mahir lagi sebenarnya. Kita budak baru belajar, tolonglah ajar mana-mana yang patut.

Yan said...

Gambar Masjid Nabawi yg barupost tu canti la ...

DadaIQ said...

Dapat dari forwarded e-mails on Islamic wallpaper. Nanti saya forwardkan. tengah tulis posting mengenai gambar yang ditangkap di Madinah waktu malam dan ceritanya.

the principal said...

u r very lucky get to attend ESQ for free. I have been wanting to attend this course since my friend talked about this 2 years ago. Somehow, selalu budget constraint. I will attend this next year, insya allah...

DadaIQ said...

The Principal
I actually paid for it becoz I wanted to attend in PWTC. Do attend if you have the time. It's a good way to understand the reason of our living. It's just worth it.

DadaIQ said...
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