Friday, August 28, 2009

Faiz ~ The King of Rubik's Cube

You know Rubiks cube, right? It's either 2x2 or 3x3 or 4x4 or 5x5.... and the normal one is the 3x3 cube....I didn't know that earlier!! Have you tried solving the cube? I did!!...took me quite long to solve just ONLY 1 side...that's as far as I could go. Never bother to try better than that.

Faiz (12) has that special ability to solve the Rubiks cube...I don't know how he aqcuired the knowledge and skill, but somehow he has the capability to do it....not only solving Rubiks cube but equally good in solving Maths, handling IT stuff, solving jigsaw puzzles and fixing those toys where you have to install / fix yourself.
The best in the world probably can solve all 6 sides in less than 10 seconds...seen that on youtube...don't know how true that is, and don't really know about Malaysia's record. Faiz current average time is at 40 - 60 seconds, pretty amazing to me. He has been competing among his friends in his school...and he probably holds the no 1 ranking now.

I knew he sourced for a lot of info on the net on solving Rubiks cube and he plays with it all the time. His younger brother has not shown the same ability but he's pretty good in singing though!!! He likes Micheal Jackson's songs. Will write about him in another posting.

Faiz ihas completed his Al-Quran last year and is pretty well versed with the tajwid too. He wanted to join Dini at MTS. We are hopeful that he will be given the chance to follow his sister's footstep. Faiz also obtained his black belt in Karate last year. It was a proud moment for him after intensive trainings with his master. He just loves outdoor activities, especially camping and last year we help his class, 5 Geliga to organise a camping trip at Ricardo Camp, Port Dickson. They had great time with water activities, flying fox etc.

He will be sitting for his UPSR and PSRA this far he has shown the desire and discipline to suceed...our only hope is for him to strike both exams well and move on to the next level. Hope he could produce the same skills and capabilities of handling the Rubiks cube in both his exams this year.

He was a very naughty boy when he was small but he has grown to be a wonderful young man.

All the best to Faiz Muqri....


MrsNordin said...

Pakai baju Celcom lagi... bagus! bagus! Good advertisement!

Uncle said...

Mannnnn...Faiz is super fast. Good in Maths? Eh, sounds like the father lah!

DadaIQ said...

Mrs Celcom tak mau sponsor apa-apa ka?? Celcom organize la Rubik's cube competition...can be interesting!! Anyway, selamat berpuasa.

DadaIQ said...

Hello Uncle,
Bapak borek anak rintik...yg elok je cukup la!!! How's Mecca this Ramadhan man? Told 2 friends about you...Intan Jasmine and her family (Dada's friend) and Dato' Mohamad b Md Yasin (my neighbour). My aunty and his hubby are aslo there.
Selamat beribadah di bulan Ramadhan ini...chiow!

Uncle said...

Dear all.
aku yang busy! Did you give them my number? Contact me for anything...

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