Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Khatam Al-Quran ~ Thaqif & Ewein

Majlis Khatam Al-Quran for Thaqif and Ewein was held on 27 June 2009 (...which is also IQ's birthday). Thanks to Ewein's parents who were kind enough to invite Thaqif to join the event. I still remember few years back when I asked Ewein to join my kids mengaji at home. Ewein stays close to our house. Since then, both of them mengaji under the supervision of several ustazs, Ustaz Nuri, Ustaz Am and Ustaz Fazrin. Their ustazs are all Al-Hafiz who pursued their studies in UIAM and they are all from Kelantan. They have been teaching Faiz, Thaqif and Ewein diligently how to read Al-Quran the right way with the correct tajwid. Seeing them mengaji made me felt so inadequate that I decided to start belajar tilawah from Asas 1 at UIAM. So far I have completed Asas 1 and Asas 2 and am glad to be able to proceed to the next level, Kemahiran next semester. Infact, Dini was attracted to learn tahfiz when she learn Al-Quran from Ustaz Nuri. She is now studying at Maahad Tahfiz Sains, Tanah Merah and Ustaz Nuri is one of her teachers.
We only returned from Umrah for 2 days when majlis khatam was held. So, we did not help much with the preparation. I was sick with fever that I could only watch my aunties and cousin prepared for the event, but I managed to get each of them a lovely jubah from Mecca for them to wear. Everything went well with the marbahan group and their recitation was good. Thanks to all the Ustazs who have coached them so well. Our sincere thanks to Amelia and her family for organising Majlis Khatam Al-Quran for Thaqif. They still continue mengaji with a new ustaz, Ustaz Fatihi, a UIAM student who is also a hafiz from Kelantan. I hope they will not stop learning Al-Quran and use Al-Quran as their sole guidance in life.


Thaqif and Ewein

Thaqif and Nyang

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