Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Ties ~ Mengeratkan Silaturrahim & Menjalinkan Ukhwah

Do you keep close contacts with your brothers / sisters or relatives? Do you think its necessary to do that? Or do you think you can live 'alone' in this world?

We certainly think that keeping close contacts with brothers / sisters and relatives is VERY2 important....and it is necessary that we do just that...Michael Jackson sings 'You're Not Alone'....and Liverpool fan sings 'You'll Never Walk Alone'...nobody wants to live alone! Living alone is just not 'human nature'. Furthermore, mengeratkan silaturrahim dan menjalin ukhwah di antara kita adalah amat dituntut oleh Islam.

However, intentions without action will not bring us anywhere, will not change anything....so there must be serious actions,serious efforts, serious commitments and honesty to achieve the noble objectives of keeping us together...there will be many challenges but also non material rewards.

One of the things that we do was to join the website Geni.com and found it to be a perfect tool to gather our relatives, create family trees, create a better understanding of our relationships, knows who is who, share events and happenings, photos, videos etc...it also promotes a healthy use of the ICT....the free ones has limited features but good enough for a start.

In the past (and we still do), we took the trouble of organizing or helping to organize family gatherings...the Gombakclans had their family gatherings annually...Pangkor in 2008, Kertih in 2007, Putrajaya in 2006, Bora Ombak in 2005, Gombak in 2004, Klang in 2003...it got better, bigger, further and costlier!!

Before leaving for Pangkor ~ 19 Dec 2008

At Pangkor Village Resort ~ 19-21 Dec 2008

At Kelab Desa Rantau Petronas, Kertih ~ 8-10 Feb 2008

At Putrajaya Club ~ 2006

The Basir Khans, however had a much slower start, had their first gathering in 2008(Syawal 1429H) in Kuala Pilah...good start although there were many challenges and obstacles.

At Nenek's House, Kg Gemuruh, Kuala Pilah ~ 26 Oct 2008

At Kompleks Rakan Muda, K. Pilah ~ 25 Oct 2008

Sometimes, in order to make things happen, we just need to take the lead, be the initiator, build the spirit and take that step.

We will continue to do what we do...as long as it is good for the family, good for the relationship... as long as we enjoy doing it, as long as we have the ability to do it and as long as Allah swt gives us the opportunity to contribute.

Not for money, not for status and certainly not for popularity..purely for the value of the relationship...hanya kerana Allah Taala.

Baginda s.a.w. bersabda: "Tidak ada perbuatan hasanah yang lebih cepat pahalanya daripada menghubungi keluarga dan tiada dosa yang layak disegerakan pembalasannya di dunia disamping siksanya kelak di akhirat seperti putus hubungan kekeluargaan dan berlaku zalim aniaya."

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