Friday, March 22, 2013

What A Celebration!

Ibu celebrated her 45th birthday two weeks back. Another 5 years to half century, how fast time flies. With social network, facebook, twitter and all kinds of apps to remind you of one's birthday, wishes kept pouring in into Ibu's mailbox via sms,watsapp, fb and e-mails. That's how advance the technology that we have nowadays. Unlike ten twenty years back, people struggle to remember birthdays of their loved ones and when you received birthday cards, messages and gifts, you know that you are genuinely remembered and treasured by that person. Well, regardless of the apps that keep sending reminders to you of your family and friends birthdays every other day, the thoughts of someone remembering and making the effort to send greetings and wish you is all that matters. It just mean that they think about you.

This year, Ibu had wonderful birthday celebrations. Three days in a row! It started a day earlier as her birthday falls on Saturday. Her colleagues treated her to a buffet Japanese at Suki-Ya and Shabu Shabu located at the Tokyo Street, Pavillion on Friday. It's a japanese steam boat with a choice of two types of soups out of three offered, Shabu Shabu, Kimchi and Sukiyaki. You are given unlimited slices of lamb, beef and chicken and a whole range of vegetables. They also have sushi and ice cream to supplement the steam boat. It was quite good actually and worth the price of RM29.80 for lunch and RM33.80 for dinner. Thanks Su Yean, Amanda and Shanna for the lunch treat.

After work, it was her BFFs turned. This time it is at the Redbox Pavillion for Karaoke and Dinner. Pavillion again! The last time we celebrated birthdays in Redbox was in 2009 and it's been four years now. We celebrated Ibu and Along birthdays this time as Rynne could not make it at the last minute. Our birthdays are close to one another and it's worth to combine the celebration. We were there from 6pm to 10pm and had great time testing our vocals and showing off our talents with the oldies and the eighties. We even suggested Along to go for the Kilauan Emas audition since she is the best among us and used to be one of the school singers those days. Thanks to my BFF for the lovely purple swatch...they even created a watsapp group to discuss the gift they wanted to get for Ibu, how sweet. Thanks gals for such wonderful time and fabulous gift.

The next day, the actual birthday we were busy with the kids as usual, fetching them from schools and did their laundry. Adik called Ibu right after his subuh prayers to wish Ibu, Abang called much later in the morning and Kakak sent a video message via watsapp. In the evening, Ibu received a bouquet of flowers, of course purple in colour from the family in Hartamas. How thoughtful of them, was touched by their thoughts.

That night, we had another celebration, this time with the Gombakclanners who celebrated their birthdays in February and March, Tok Nani, Tok Onn, Tok Wan, Zarith, Qistina and Ibu. As usual, Tok Mami was the one that organised everything and she grabbed the 50% off for buffet dinner at Taming Sari, Istana Hotel. Smart move and great savings by Tok Mami as always. Both Abang and Adik managed to get off for the weekend to join the celebration, Alhamdulillah. The place was quite packed and the food was not that bad. After the cake cutting, it was time to exchange presents. This time, Ibu gets four recipe books, Jamie Oliver, Nigella from her dearest cousin and a special cupcake tools from the Royal Carribean from Tok Mami and a nice telekung from Tok Nani. Thanks so much for the wonderful gifts. Now, Ibu has no excuse not to cook for the rest of the year!

The celebration did not end there. The next day, Sunday Ibu had another surprise from TLG. They prepared a little cake and as usual sang the birthday song plus a special gift Channel No 5. Alhamdulillah, that was so thoughtful of them. It was a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by people that you love and care and you know that they feel the same way towards you. Thank you to all that made me feel special on my birthday and I am thankful that Allah swt has bless me with such amazing people in my life. Abah and the kids, although this year no cards or presents from them like always, but they are the best gift Allah swt has given me, they are always there for me. Alhamdulillah.


Saiful Azim said...

Happy birthday

Anonymous said...

salam Aunty.

Saya nak tanya soalan.Do you have a problem in this life?

saya selalu datang sini baca entry jalan2,lebih2 lagi kalau dalam bahasa inggeris.

saya ada stalk fb aunty.sampai satu saat saya berfikir,aunty pernah ada masalah kah dalam hidup? kehidupan aunty nampak bahagia sepanjang masa.

anak2 ok.kerja ok.semua ok la..dengan dini yang always perform dengan baik.cantik pun cantik,bijak..adik2 dini pun sama.

u all just looks like complete and happy family!

jangan risau.saya tak berniat jahat.cemburunya dapat keluarga macam ni.

ada tips tak?

- noona.

DadaIQ said...

Waalaikumsalam Noona,
Thank you for your kind thoughts and honest comment! Siapalah dalam dunia ni yang tak ada problem, it is all about how you deal with the problem...problem kita tak perlulah share dekat orang. Tulis blog ni pun sekadar untuk berkongsi pengalaman. Semoga yang membaca mendapat manfaat.

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