Thursday, February 13, 2014

Re-energizing The Blog!

As salam everyone and hope everyone is in peace.

We would like to start writing on our blog again, re-energize it, after being quiet for a long spell…tight up with work and personal matters, just couldn’t find the time to sit down and write.

Thank you everyone who had visited our site and found it useful in any way and we apologize for not answering many of the questions posted…it’s like no one was home! And of course made worse by the technology…the FB and the Instagram etc…faster but normally lack of details.

We plan to continue writing and sharing life experiences, which we think may be useful, based on our own ideas and thoughts and of course our limited knowledge ability to write well. We intend to cover subjects on Islamic school & education, Islam in general, local holidays & travels, food, family happenings, books, may be a little bit on politics …basically just about anything that may interest us and might also interest you.

So let’s go again……insyaAllah

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