Friday, January 11, 2013

The Krai Family Holiday @ Fraser's Hill...coming to an end!

Part 6 – Day 3 (Sunday 23 December 2012)
Aaryz woke up early in the morning, around 3am....”Papa! Papa! You are snoring Papa”, a 4 year old nephew having difficulty to sleep with his dad!!! I was awaked to have caught that funny moment.

When we woke up for Suboh, it was very cold...much colder than the last 2 days and decided not to continue sleep after that. Went outside and it was still dark but you could see it was cloudy, misty and wet .... the thermometer was reading 16C!! No wonder it was cold and it is December.

Those early birds would be in the kitchen preparing food for breakfast and we decided to use whatever we have left for the breakfast, as there were too much food yesterday (a lesson learnt!). In one instance, the hot pot used to heat up the food was mistakenly put on the carpet!!!!!! So you guess it... it left a round burnt mark on it.... and we thought we’ re going to be in trouble as we have been warned not to do any cooking in the house. But you can’t let this small mistakes, which normally happens, to ruin your holiday. So we thought damage is done so the only sensible thing to do is to inform the management that there was this accident and we will take up the cost for repair. Done deal!
Breakfast, whatever leftovers...
The pot and the stove
At 8:30am, it was still cold, misty and windy and what a perfect day to experience the outdoor on top of an unspoilt highland. Almost everyone left for the Paddock after breakfast for some final fun activities before we leave later in the afternoon. They had great fun showing their skills in the archery and blowpipe contest and later to horse riding session. Pak Su was given an additional round by the horseman...we salute and thank you for that kindness.

While they were having fun, Abah and the ladies had to do cleaning up of the house, packing the bags, sending all the food containers to their owners and thanking Uncle Lim for his cooperation and understanding.

When everyone returned at about 11:30,am we  had a simple closing ceremony. After prizes were given out to the winners (Pak Su gave out medals to the FH Cup winners and Tok Abah for the Photo Scavenger Hunt challenge), Jae gave a closing speech while Naif recited the doa. Giving this kind of opportunities to these boys surely build up their confidence and maturity. As expected, Pak Teh and Faiz won the challenge with Pak Ngah's Abu Suradi Troopers came second. It was a close fight and the Pak Teh team won by just one mark. The third placing went to Pak Lang's team the Qlantano Kindersley Explorer and Tok Jae's Gangnam family came last. Pak Teh won because he presented the photos captured in a powerpoint slide and Pak Ngah came second because of they managed to capture photo of a snake and a bird in close range. It was a good challenge and at the same time provide the opportunity for them to experience Fraser's Hill. For the FH Cup Faiz emerged Champion and Naif was the runner up. Before we left, we finished up all the leftovers, the satay, the bbq meat and cut the cake for the December babies. The cake was courtesy of Ira and Opung who could not join us for the trip.

We finally said goodbye to Raub bungalow which have been a perfect gathering place for us this time round. We went to the registration office to send the keys and the arrogant lady was not there and we informed them of the damage done and our readiness to take up the cost. No issue and it was nice and smooth.

Everyone wanted to drive around and buy some souvenirs before we drive down and it was many people in Fraser’s Hill that day. The food court area near Jalan Pine Tree was packed with cars and police had to come by to control the traffic. The area was also jam due to the construction of the new hang out place or a cafe with an awesome view....a new edition to Fraser’s Hill and looks nice too.

After some small shopping and souvenirs  we decided it was time to go and we convoyed slowly down to Gap. Reaching Gap, we stopped, some went to toilet and Adik vomitted again, we gathered for the last time before saying goodbye.

Everyone reached home safely later that afternoon, following the same route that we came up. Alhamdulillah, the family gathering this time round was successful as planned and I’m sure everyone was very satisfied with the outcome.

Parents drove the green Proton home the next day (24 December 2012) and a few days after they had arrived in Kelantan, the monsoon season flood happened.

On the overall, we would highly recommend a similar family gathering to anyone who is interested. Fraser’s Hill is very nice for that but we need to build up some activities, otherwise it can be a bit boring if you have many people and not knowing what to do. We hope our stories will inspire many more to do the same or even better.


Uncle said...


Wow...seronok mengikuti your family gathering ni walaupun hanya melalui pembacaan! Well done!

Uncle said...

Sorry I pun tak tahu macam mana "ofsimag" tu terkeluar sedangkan I cuma type for verification...hahahahaha!

DadaIQ said...

Salaam Uncle
Memang best when you organise this kind of gathering. Although penat coordinate and prepare, at the end of the day, it is so satisfying to see all happy faces :) especially the kids!

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