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The Krai Family Holiday @ Fraser's Hill...excitement building up!

Part 4 – Day 1 (Friday 21 December 2012)
The day we’ve been waiting finally arrived but not because of the Mayan doomsday (the world was supposed to end today!). Parents were already here, after arriving in Gombak at  3pm the day earlier, driving the green Proton filled with fruits....mangosteen, dokong, rambutan etc. On the other hand, Ira and her mom could not make it...too bad but the show has too go on.

We woke up early and it was a beautiful day, sunny and bright. It hasn’t rain too much in the last few days which make it safer to drive up the hill, less likelihood of a landslide. Everyone came over to Gombak for breakfast except for Bob and Jae, who went straight to the intended meeting point at Petronas Bandar Baru Selayang 2. We planned to take the Hulu Yam – Batang Kali – Kuala Kubu Bharu and Fraser’s Hill, a total distance of 83 km (not that far away from KL).

All of us met at the meeting point at around 10:30 AM, as planned.  The organisers distributed the travel booklet containing info of the the trip, the room pairing, the programme and the agenda. Thanks to Ibu for preparing this!
The Travel Booklet
We were supposed to do an Explorace to make the journey more fun. 4 cars were competing....Bob and his family, Min and his family plus Tok Mama and Pak Su (new car), Bak with his family together with Faiz and Tok Abah and lastly Tok Jae with his family. Every car was full with people, food and all other stuff!!! We had a short briefing at the starting point before the Explorace started to highlight the rules of the game. Here are the questions and answers we prepared for the Explorace! 


21 December 2012

CAR NO (pls circle)
                  1                  2                  3                  4                  5
NAME (pls circle)
                BOB            MIN            BAK              JAE              IRA

§  ‘Zero’ your trip meter before you start the journey to Fraser’s Hill from here.
§  You should have one person to monitor the distance and questions while the driver should be focused on driving safely on the road.
§  There are a total of 20 questions, made up of 9 ‘pink’ questions and 11 ‘blue’ questions.
General Questions, straight forward, based on general knowledge. You can answer anytime during the travel, not specific to the location, may need to access internet.
Q1, Q2, Q4, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q16, Q17, Q18
Questions with clues, not so straight forward & require some thinking. Answers are very much related to the location and need to be answered while you’re there.
Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q13, Q14, Q15, Q19, Q20

§  All answers related to the questions with clues are visible from inside the car.
§  Avoid turning back as this will disturb your trip meter and makes it difficult to find clues to your next questions. If you miss, better stop and walk back, if you need to……….it’s up to you.
§  The race ends upon arrival at Pekan Bungalow for registration. Please submit forms to IQ.
§  The most correct answers will win & everyone should participate.




Petronas station

Race starts

Batu Dam
Apakah 2 kegunaan utama empangan ini?
Bekalan air & tembatan banjir
Batu Dam
Empangan ini terletak di hilir pertemuan Sg __ & Sg __
Sg Batu & Sg Tua

Hutan Lipur yang telah bersatu


Apakah nama air terjun ini?
Air Terjun Sg Tua


Tiger tidak mungkin boleh menggunakan alamat ini sewaktu Tun Razak menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia


Lim Goh Tong berbaik dengan Sultan Selangor dan berpakat untuk berniaga
Genting Ehsan Sdn Bhd

Air di atas tidak turun seperti hujan, bagaikan menamatkan perlumbaan F1 remaja di litar pendidikan yang cerok
Tangki Air di SMS Hulu Selangor

Mungkin tempat terakhir dilawati Henry berkaitan komunis dan orang Cina di Malaya
Kg Baru Gurney

Cara nak jimatkan penggunaan letrik akibat penghawa dingin

Fraser’s Hill mengambil sempena nama siapa?
Louis James Fraser

Turn right

Junction KKB

Turn right



Tempat ini adalah lokasi asal Kuala Kubu yang dimusnahkan banjir besar tahun 1883
Ampang Pecah
Darul Quran
Apakah nama asal Darul Quran?
Maahad Tahfiz Al-Quran Wal-Qiraat

Turn right


Kedengaran seperti  sesuatu jatuh atau menggelungsur  ke dalam air
Rest Area - Lake view

Boleh berhenti rehat dan bergambar di sini

Tempat ini bunyinya seperti jambatan di Calantano

Penghuni tidak memberikan amaran ini. Siapakah mereka?
Rusa, Tapir & Monyet
Sg Mangkuk Waterfall
Sg. ini mengambil nama sempena nama gunungnya. Apakah nama gunungnya?
Gunung Hulu Semangkok (1394m)

Fraser’s Hill terdiri dari 7 puncak, berapakah ketinggian puncak tertinggi?
1500 - 1524m

Boleh berhenti rehat
Turn left uphill

Berapakah ketinggian GAP dari permukaan laut?

Ke arah matahari terbit di kaki gunung untuk mengukur kuantiti emas.

Ketika tiba di ikon Fraser’s Hill.

Time on the clock tower
Clock tower

Turn right at roundabout

Thank you for participating. Hope you have learnt something useful today.

Everyone was into it and we had fun watching them stopping and slowing down to look for the answers to the Explorace questions...some had to turn back although we advised them not to since that would cause their trip meters chaos as they had to put their trip meter at '0' when they start their journey!! There were 20 questions where 9 were direct general knowledge about the route and the destination while the other 11 questions were trickier with only clues and distance given.

We stopped by at the Sg Selangor dam, the Gap and the Semangkok waterfall for rest and photos. Overall, no major complaint except for some travel sickness due to the winding road (some people still can’t take it although have been up there a few times).

4 blackies and 1 silver @ the Explorace
Pit Stop at Selangor Dam
The girls
The Boys with Pak Su
Next stop at Air Terjun Semangkok
It was 12:30 noon when we finally reached Fraser’s Hill and it was drizzling.....nice and cold, just as we had wished, alhamdulillah. Those first timers were already impressed and convinced that we had made the right choice of destination and temperature in the car was reading 21C.

We wanted to check in early but the bungalow was not yet ready so we decided to come back at 2 PM. The men attended the Jumaat prayer at Sultan Abu Bakar’s mosque (a nice little mosque) while the ladies took time to rest and entertain the kids.

Done with the prayer, we registered ourselves at the office (at Pekan Bungalow and the same arogant lady was there...but we’re not going to let her spoil our holiday) and then checked into Raub bungalow...nice and clean and the lawn has been nicely trimmed.

We unloaded our stuff, allocated the rooms and had our lunch....the kids were already going helter skelter. We then had a soft opening with some briefing and speeches from the main organizer, a wonderful doa recited by Faiz and finally going through the explorace results....which was really interesting. Instead of checking the answers ourselves, we exchanged the papers so everyone checked someone else’s answer....and you guess it, there were all kind of answers and we broke into big laughters. Bak and Faiz won the Explorace with score of 17/20 and Jae came second 15/20. Pak Ngah scored 12/20 and Pak Lang managed to get only 10 correct answers! It was the first experience for some of them but they all enjoyed it and they have also learnt something new.

Road to the mosque
Raub Bungalow
Lunch Time
Lunch brought from homes
Tok Mama, Shida, Ana and the girls room
Tok Abah, Abah, Pak Lang and Pak Teh room
Pak Ngah, Tok Jae, Pak Su and the Boys hibernation place!
The Boss cum Organiser!
The Explorace Winner
We took a break and a short rest before we started our next event ie indoor telematch. Games include fixing the jigsaw (for kids and won by Atif and Nana with the help of their Mak  Long and Abang Faiz!) and make up games where the boys make up the girls (for kids and won by Dijah and Muqhis). We took a break and had a nice warm tea with kuah durian, apam kelantan, cupcakes prepared by Mak Lang and Shida.

Later in the evening, it started to rain and it got cooler....again, as we had wished. However, we were supposed to have a BBQ dinner outside but due to the rain, we had to do it at the back of the kitchen, outside the house under a choice and the caretaker gave his permission. It was ok.

While the BBQ was being prepared, we started our next game ie a PS2 football competition dubbed the FH Cup 2012, specially for the boys. It was the preliminary rounds, where 8 teams competed on a 12 minute sudden death game, with the offside; injury mode ‘ON’ and each game were played at ‘Wembley on a fine night’.

Results of preliminary round were as follows:
Next game
Barcelona (Naif) vs Liverpool (Thaqif)
3 – 2
Barcelona (Naif)
Semifinal 1

Real Madrid (Muqhis) vs Manchester United (Qiin)
5 - 0
Real Madrid (Muqhis)
Manchester City (Atif) vs Bayern Munich (Naquib)
4 -1
Manchester City (Atif)
Semifinal 2
Chelsea (Faiz) vs Borussia Dortmund (Min and Thaqif)
4 – 4
Chelsea won on penalty
Chelsea (Faiz)

We enjoyed our dinner while the games were going was noisy, emotional...just like watching the real EPL matches. But overall, everyone showed good sportsmanship. Everyone was very tired by the end of session and it was good time for bed. Saying good night at around 11 PM, the temperature was hovering around 19C....and all kinds of noises made up a late night orchestra.

The world did not end today, instead it grew stronger as far as our world is concerned....the world will eventually end but obviously not today.

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