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The Krai Family Holiday @ Fraser's Hill...the fun continued!

Part 5 – Day 2 (Saturday 22 December 2012)
We woke up on Day 2 to another beautiful day, cool in the early morning and the sky was clear...many continued their sleep after solat Suboh and some of us spent time enjoying the fresh cool air of early morning outside the house on top of Fraser’s Hill.

Breakfast was nasi lemak at 8:30am courtesy of Kak Liza who runs a stall at the Food Court. We were there at 8am and she was busy packing the hot nasi lemak while entertaining her other customers. Everybody was awake by the time we got back, and together we had very nice nasi lemak for breakfast.

The weather was bright,  sunny and warmer.... again, as we had wished for because there will be more outdoor activities planned for the second day.

One of the main events for Day 2 was the Flora and Fauna Photo Scavanger hunt around Fraser’s Hill Golf course where the Group have to walk (distance of approximately 3 to 4 km) while taking photos as per instructions. It was an interesting game where you are required to take some flora and fauna photos (each group need to have a gadget which can snap photo) in certain order (tallest to shortest) and the group with the highest point (with the right pictures in proper sequence + some creativity) will win the competition. Only Tok Mama did not take part due to health reasons.

The challenge for them were to capture photos of:-
1.  All team members with Tok Abah and Tok Mama (15 pts)

2.  Junior team members in front of Bungalow Raub (10 pts)
3.  Kindersley Trail sign (5 pts)
4.  A team member with pink roses (5 pts)  
5. Two team members under the gazebo at the playground (15 pts)
6.  All team members with “Selamat Datang ke Fraser’s Hill” sign (30 pts)
7.  A team member with FHGC background (15 pts)  
8.  All team members at the famous Clock Tower (30 pts)  
9.  Two types of fern leaves (10 pts)  
10. Three team members in front of Masjid Fraser’s Hill (15 pts)  
11. Info about birds in Fraser’s Hill (5 pts)  
12. Two team jumping in the air (must be off ground) (15 pts) 
13. Any type of bird, close shot (30 pts)  
14.  A team member with Pine Trees (10 pts)
15. The Paddock, Fraser’s Hill (5 pts) 
16. An animal (15 pts)  
17. Three team members with three different flowers (20 pts)  
18.  The Lady Guilemard Road sign (10 points)
19. A butterfly (15 pts) 
20. All team members with Uncle Lim (25 pts) 
Captured photos will then need to be submitted/copied into a notebook for viewing and evaluation. There were interesting and fantastic outcomes and there were some minor problems e.g Pak Ngah's team went the wrong direction for not reading the instructions carefully. It was again an entertaining event, full of learning plus it worked up some muscles after heavy meals. Extra points are given to team with the most creative name. So, similar group as the Explorace. The teams were:-

1.  Pak Ngah's team   - Abu Suradi Troopers
2.  Pak Lang's team  -  Qlantano Kindersley Explorer
3.  Pak Teh's team  - Johan Kali ke 2
4.  Tok Jae's team  - Gangnam's Style to Fraser's Hill

The event was tiring and it took the toll on some of us especially the heavy weights and the elderly... so many took a short afternoon nap while waiting for the lunch. Lunch was nasi berlauk catered from the restaurant behind the masjid. It was rice + ayam goreng + ikan  kembong goreng sambal + sup sayur. The best was keladi masak tempoyak. We were beginning to feel that we were having too much food... and we need to really consume all the food to avoid wastage.

It was a lazy afternoon after zohor.....the muscles were still sore and the kids were asleep, well it’s not everyday that we get to walk 3 to 4 km at one go in a day. The boys were up, restless and waiting for the next thing to do. So we thought it was a good time to have the semifinal game of the FH Cup 2012 and charge up the energy among us. Barcelona put up a brilliant display of football to beat Real Madrid to enter the final later that night. The second semifinal was emotional with Manchester City giving a good fight early in the game, but Chelsea was solid in defense and effective on speedy raids on both flanks. Chelsea eventually steamrolled the opponent with an emphatic score. The final later that night would be a mouth watering game between the favourites Chelsea (Faiz) and Barcelona (Naif).

Next game
Bercelona (Naif) vs Real Madrid (Muqhis)
3 -0
Barcelona (Naif)

Chelsea (Faiz) vs Mancheter City (Atif)
10 - 1
Chelsea (Faiz)

The noise woke everyone up and provided with the needed boost of energy to continue with our events. The weather was changing from sunny to cloudy and windy. We still had a few telematches to do before we break for tea. The telematch moved from outdoor to indoor to  outdoor...adjusting to the weather which rain for a few minutes while we were having fun with the games. We had indoor games like newspaper dress where the kids had to dress up the mothers with newspapers, angpow bertuah - just threw the angpow packets to the kids for grab and those lucky ones would get prizes. For outdoors, guli and chopsticks where the ladies had to use chopstick to transfer the marbles from one bowl to the other, pijak belon kawan and golf for the males, kupas dan makan epal and straw getah for couples and bawak guli dalam sudu for the kids. Everybody had fun and we enjoyed the telematches. Tok Abah and Tok Mama gave away prizes for the winners.

Ladies and the kids 
Pijak Belon Kawan
Pak Ngah the referee
Mak Ngah first, Ibu second
Tok Mama had a good start
Always the winner for chopstik and guli
Winner for golf
Abah testing his skill in golf
Tok Abah
Pak Ngah to start the indoor games for the kids
Catch the Angpows!!
We got 2nd place!
The newspaper dress models
Atif and Aaryz won the competition
Kids having fun

We had planned satay for tea, although we were not really hungry and dinner was just a few hours away, we had no choice but to still collect them as promised. I had to spend 1.5 hours and made 2 trips back and forth from Raub bungalow to the stall behind the mosque, before the satay were eventually ready.

While I was away, the group was having fun with the Masterchef cilik show. It was something like the Mastercef program where the little (cilik) girls were asked to prepare sandwich and everyone was given a yellow apron with the Masterchef logo on it, courtesy of Mak Long’s genius!! The girls were feeling like real masterchef and were giving their best to make the best sandwich.

When I brought back the satay,  I was tasked to be the judge and choose the winner.....and I thought this is tough and this will hurt someone. I tasted each one of them and rated the winner while they were asked to wait outside, without knowing who prepare what. We put the ranking 1 – 5 under each serving plate and asked them to lift the plates one by one. Yaya won as her tuna sandwich comes with cheese and creativity but I was so sorry for Aisyah as hers was last.... although I knew she was really excited about it and have been making preparations and practices. She cried and I felt guilty as a judge!!!! That was also part of learning.

We had dinner at Shahzan Inn at 8pm. Although it was not so far away, we decided to drive as it was raining and dark... better to be safe. The dinner was not that great, we were not fully satisfied and lodged a complaint so they can improve. On the way back, we were surprised to come across 3 wild boars wondering around the park near the junction...perhaps looking for food or they were simply lost. The kids could see them from the safety of the car and they were shouting and screaming...some scared and some were just ecstatic.

Then came the final of the FY Cup 2012 and the game duration was increased to 10 minutes per half. It was a tight, fast and brilliant game with both teams showing great skills and creativity. Barcelona with the tight short passes and Chelsea with the fast flying flanks. Emotions were high as the score was very tight and majority were behind Barcelona (influenced by those who had lost to Chelsea earlier). The full time score was tied but Chelsea emerged victorious in the penalty kick. What a game!!

Barcelona (Naif) vs Chelsea (Faiz)
4 – 4
Chelsea won on penalty
Chelsea (Faiz)

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