Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thaqif Birthday Bash @ 3 Residen

Today Thaqif is 12! But he has been enjoying pre-birthday celebration for the last two weeks. He received his advance birthday gift, the PS3 early November and yesterday we had a little celebration at 3 Residen. Since yesterday was a public holiday and the school holidays just started, Abah arranged for a game of futsal at the KLFA which is just next to our condo. Normally they would play at the Ampang Sports Complex but since KLFA is offering promotional rate to the public, Abah thought that it would be a good idea to give it a go. The ladies can relax at the condo and the girls can have fun at the pool. Everyone is happy :)

Since we received the key to the condo in October 2011, we have been organising little family and friends gatherings. We decided not to rent the place out but to keep it as our weekend hideout for as long as our pockets allow. Ibu wanted to have her own masterchef kitchen where she can cook at her whim and fancy especially after she got stuck with the AFC Channel 703. Now, the nieces and nephews love to come to the condo than our home. They love the huge infinity pool and the view from the balcony and of course Mak Long's cooking. 

Since everyone would be here for the futsal and swimming, Abah thought that it would be a good idea to just buy a cake to celebrate Thaqif and Aaryz birthdays which falls on 14 and 4 November 2012 respectively. When Abah mooted the idea, Ibu immediately thought of what to prepare for the little party. Ibu has been planning to make sushi when she accidentally came across a recipe book on sushi making by a local chef. Since then, she has been to Daiso to get the basic stuff for sushi making like the sushi mat, the mould and the utensils. We always get excited whenever we plan for gatherings, be it big or small. We would talk about the menu and the itinerary for that day and keep changing the menu until the last minute. We want it to have an impact on everyone even though our guests are our immediate families. We finally settled with Sushi, Macaroni Cheese, Mini Burgers, Pizza Baguette, Fried Meehoon, Dim Sum, Fruits, Ice Cream and of course the Birthday Cake! 

The futsal court was booked from 3pm to 5pm. Our guests started to arrive just before that. While the males were having fun chasing the ball, the females were enjoying themselves with abundance of food. The girls had no choice but to wait for the boys to finish the game before they could all dive into the pool. At around 5.30pm, the condo was quiet since everyone was at the pool having fun. That was the time when Ibu could have a break, relax and spent time catching up and preparing more food before they all rushed back with empty stomachs! True enough, when they were done with futsal and swimming, they dashed back to the condo and attacked the food and in a split second, everything on the table just disappeared! The only thing left was the birthday cake untouched. So, we all sang happy birthday to Thaqif, Aaryz and Aiman who celebrated their 12th, 4th and 8th birthday. 

After solat maghrib, while resting and eating, we discussed our plan to go for a holiday in December although we knew pretty well that the best places around have all been booked since it is already school holiday season. Tok Jae was assigned with the task to check out any leftover chalets or homestays for us to spend our holiday together. The kids refused to go home, that's usually the case when they come to Pak Long's house or condo. What more with the boys all glued to the TV with the PS3 game. After several attempts made by the parents to leave, they finally made a move at around 10.30pm. 

Alhamdulillah, everybody had a great time. We truly enjoyed their company, Pak Ngah, Pak Lang, Pak Teh, Tok Jae and their families, Ira and Opung. Tok, Tok Wan and Tok Mamie dropped by to wish Thaqif. Thank you all for coming and for Thaqif's birthday gifts. We love entertaining the kids and organise family gatherings like this. Although at the end of the day, our bodies started aching, but the feel good factor from  the smiling faces and the joy and laughter we had throughout the day was so satisfying and made all the efforts seem worthwhile. We are so grateful and bless for the bonding we have and we pray that it will stay strong and continue to grow stronger for the rest of our lives, insyaAllah.

First Attempt Sushi Making
Better than Sushi King!!! What a compliment...
International Mini Burgers
Makan Time
The Birthday Boys!
Thaqif and his fav jersey!
The girls having fun
Futsal at KLFA
Red Card for Pak Ngah !!
From futsal court to the pool
Pak Long all time favourite!
plus Dijah and Nana
As for Thaqif who turned 12 today, Happy Birthday Adik. You have "grown up" so fast and will soon enter teenage life which will be more challenging and full of excitement. Always give your very best in whatever you do. Ibu and Abah always pray that you will be successful in your studies when you start your secondary education and will have the opportunity to follow Kakak and Abang to learn Quran, insyaAllah. Let Al Quran and Sunnah be your guidance in life.

We love you  Ahmed Thaqif Iman, the hard-core Liverpool fan!

Time for MyKad!

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