Sunday, November 11, 2012

19 Years and Counting!

That was the message we received on watsapp early morning on 5 November 2012. It was for our 19th wedding anniversary from Pak Lang. Yes, it's been 19 years we officially tied the knot and 27 years since we knew each other. That is a long, long time and we are so grateful for all the blessings granted to us throughout the years of our marriage life.

We decided to celebrate a day before since 5 November falls on monday. Nothing special planned except to spent some time together. In the afternoon we went to Festival City to look for a notebook. Initially Abah wanted to buy a new phone for Ibu but since Ibu wanted to get a notebook for herself, he decided to get one for Ibu as the anniversary gift. Ibu has been planning to buy a pair of sunglasses for Abah to replace the one that he has been using since they are really in bad shape! We normally get for each other things that we want; that way we save from buying unnecessary stuff for each other. After looking at various models in the All IT Hypermarket, we settled for an Acer Aspire M5 Ultrabook. The latest generation of notebook which comes with features similar to tablet. At the end, Abah got his Rayban,  Ibu was happy with her new gadget and Adik who accompanied us also got his share, an advance birthday present,  a PS3!!! 

Later that evening, we went to Pavillion just the two of us for dinner and movie. We had a quick dinner at Bulgogi Brothers and later rush to watch James Bond 007 Skyfall at GSC Gold Class theater. It was nice to spent time together once in a while without the kids and Adik was very understanding. Although he wanted so much to stay at home with his new PS3, he has no choice but to follow nenek to TLG and waited for us to fetch him after the movie around midnight.   

We thought that was the end of our anniversary celebration. But to our surprise, on the day itself, our inbox started to fill up with anniversary wishes from close relatives and friends. Once we updated our bbm and watsapp status, more wishes continued to come in. Thank you so much for their wishes. We are so bless to be surrounded by thoughtful and kind-hearted people. Jasakumullahu Khairan Kathira...

At around 11am, the receptionist at Ibu's office called saying there is a parcel for her. Normally the receptionist would deliver all letters, couriers and parcels  to our office. Ibu was a bit puzzled but nevertheless walked out to the lobby to receive the parcel. Another surprise!!!!! A bouquet of lovely roses and lilies from Abah. That was truly beyond her expectation. It is something unusual for Ibu to get flowers, only on rare occasions Abah would send flowers to Ibu. After getting the ultrabook, Ibu was not expecting anymore gift from Abah. Everyone that came into Ibu's office later that day could smell the strong fragrance coming from the lilies and the roses.

We had a wonderful celebration this year, Alhamdulillah. May Allah swt bless our marriage and let it be a source of untold blessings, happiness and joy. May He guide us to reach our ultimate destination, Al Jannah.
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Acer Aspire M5 Ultrabook

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