Friday, October 8, 2010

Open House & Traffic Jam

It is still Syawal and we are still celebrating raya. Almost all our weekends in the month of Syawal are occupied attending to open houses. Last weekend, 2nd and 3rd October 2010 was not an exception. We started early, at 11am attending to the raya celebration organised by IQKL PIBG. They took the opportunity to perform solat hajat for the students taking PMR and SPM exams.

When we arrived, we were looking high and low for Faiz and couldn't find him. Only at around 1.00pm we finally saw him. He just returned from the open house of YB Dato' Dr Hassan Ali, the founder of IQKL. We later found out that he made it a tradition to invite some of the boys from IQKL to recite 30 juzuk Al-Quran during his open house and these boys were given the privilege to eat after they have completed the recitation before the other guests could. Faiz was selected to recite Juzuk 4. He came back with his stomach full!!!

Before we reached home, we stopped by at KFC to get a barrel of KFC chicken. The next open house was a reunion organised by Haslinah for all TRI/Celcom ex-staff. Only Ibu and Faiz attended the open house at Bandar Baru Ampang. Luckily we did not take the MRR2 and got there using Jalan Gombak -Pahang - Tun Razak -Elevated Highway - Jalan Ampang. That took us about 30 minutes instead of 2 hours! It was a good turn up. Ibu was so glad to see her ex-colleagues Shila, Shema, Aida O, Jihan, Meor, Asba, Farrish, Zuni, Ita, Cik A and of course, Rizana (her ex-boss). The food was abundance but Laksa Penang made by Haslinah was the best! Thanks to everyone especially to Kak Ina for making the reunion cum raya gathering a success. We left Ampang using the Elevated Highway and Duke and managed to escape the jam and reached home in about 40 minutes!!

Next on the itinerary was to send Faiz back to IQKL but before sending him back, we fetched Thaqif from school. He went for a one night camping in the school compound! It was his first camping experience. After sending Faiz back, we went to Sime Darby Convention Centre for Sime Darby Open House. Sime Darby open house is always levish with loads of food and come with very nice doorgifts for the staff. They must have spent a lot for the occassion.

That night, we skip dinner and went to bed early with our stomach full!!!! We were so tired since we started the morning exercising, walking up Cemerlang Heights before heading to all the open houses!


Uncle said...

seronok open house ni...sampai lepas syawal pun ada lagi! naik 5 kilo!

DadaIQ said...

Hari ni pun masih ada open house. Baru lepas balik dari korporat open house di Menara KL. Kadang2 terpikir jugak amalan masa bulan Ramadhan selari tak dengan sambutan di bulan Syawal...

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