Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another hectic weekend @ Kuantan

We spent the last weekend of the school holidays in Kuantan on 20 and 21 March 2010. After sending Dini off to Kelantan by Transnasional, we headed straight to the east coast to attend Abah's colleague wedding at Bandar Sri Mahkota. This time, instead of making reservation, we tried our luck from Hyatt to Vistana and finally landed at MS Garden. The hotels were full and we were lucky that MS Garden still has rooms available for us but not the normal deluxe room but a junior suite! We wanted to try and stay at Shahzan Inn but Thaqif refused. He said that the hotel is "thin"! If you see the hotel, you know what he meant. What a funny way of describing the hotel.

The hotel is located in the city centre next to Kuantan Mall and our room was on the 11th floor facing the swimming pool. After solat, the boys dashed down to the swimming pool with Abah. Later that night, we went to Tanjung Lumpur and met Pak Long and family for dinner. We wanted to try ANA IKAN BAKAR PETAI but the restaurant was just too pack and there were not much choice of seafood left for us. So, we settled for a smaller restaurant along Tanjung Lumpur. We always thought that the seafood restaurants are along the main road. Little that we know that there are more restaurants if you drive further in towards the seaside. There are about 15 stalls with the biggest one is Ana ikan bakar petai. Not sure if the fish is grilled with sambal petai or it is just the name of the restaurant.
We had ikan pari bakar, ikan siakap steam, sotong bakar, udang goreng tepung, ketam chili and some vegetables. The food was good, the sambal was excellent. For 8 of us, we spent only RM150. I personally think that the price is cheaper than in Umbai, Melaka. We had good food and great time with Pak Long's family. It was our treat for Aiza who excel in her SPM. We returned to the hotel with our stomach full!

To our surprise, MS Garden offered a good breakfast spread compared with other hotels in Kuantan. After having a hearty breakfast, we checked out from the hotel as we need to be back in KL before 6pm to send Faiz back to IQKL. This time we decide to take the old road. It was a good choice as we encountered so many cendawan busut being sold along the road. Abah was excited to see his favourite mushroom that he immediately stopped the car to buy them. It is very rare to get this type of mushroom as it grows in the wild. All my life, I have eaten it only three times. Abah wrote about it in the previous posting.

We continued our journey and our next stop was at the food stalls in Bukit Angin, Temerloh. It is located close to the Pahang River and at the junction going to Triang/Temerloh. It is famous with masakan kampung and of course the original ikan patin masak tempoyak. I did not miss the opportunity to tapau some back. I bought one piece of ikan patin buah which cost RM22 and two udang galah, quite huge for RM40! Just imagine, one slice of ikan patin can cost RM22. They even have ikan patin muncung which is cooked when ordered. I dare not ask how much this type of ikan patin cost. It must be really expensive!! Still, the place is packed with people during lunch time. The food is just irresistable....

That was not the end of our journey. Our final stop was at Karak when we passed by a durian stall. Again, we stopped and enjoyed the durians by the road side. This is not the first time we had durians by the road side, we have been doing this for quite a while now. Our previous stops were at Bentong, Tanjung Malim and a few other places.

We reached home around 2pm and I immediately cooked cendawan busut and we enjoyed our lunch with ikan patin masak tempoyak and gulai udang galah. Just yummy...the whole journey back was just worth while.

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