Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Tok Wan...

Tok Wan celebrated his 72nd birthday on 3 March 2010 although his ic stated the date as 19 March 1938. We had a belated celebration later the week so that Dini and Faiz can join. Tok and Za cooked Mee Kari and Char Kueyteow and we bought Tok Wan his birthday cake, Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Receipe. It was a small celebration and Tok invited Nyang and Kak Nor's family to join us. After the cake cutting, we presented Tok Wan with his birthday gift a Nike golf bag. To our dearest Tok Wan, Happy Birthday to you. May you have many blessed years ahead.

Cucu-cucu kesayangan Tok Wan
Tok Wan's birthday
cake "Chocolate Indulgence"

Tok Wan, Kakak, Abang and Adik

Tok Wan, Tok, Nyang and Us

Nyang, Dini and Uncle AP

Tok, Bibik and Nenek Nah

Tok Wan received his birthday gift

Tok Wan's birthday Gift


Uncle said...

Tok Wan main golf? Steady lah Tok Wan....

DadaIQ said...

Tok Wan memang kaki golf. One week twice main golf. Sometimes pergi sampai Thailand and Indonesia.

Kmar said...


Congratulations to Tok Wan!! Salute laa .. dalam usia sebegini masih boleh bersukan. I bet he always look positive in life... spirit of a sportsman!!

DadaIQ said...

Hi Kmar
You are right Kmar, Daddy as I fondly called him is full of energy...loves golf, travelling and DIY at home. Hope I will be as healthy as him when I reach his age :-)

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