Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kak Lina, my childhood friend

We knew Kak Lina and her family when we were in Penrissen Camp, Kuching. That was way back in 1978 when I was in standard four. At that time, my father (who was an army officer then) was transferred to Kuching to lead the Calvary unit. So, my mum and I followed him there and my two elder brothers stayed behind since they were in boarding schools.

Kak Lina's father or Pakcik Mat worked in the same unit as my father and her mum, Makcik Mah was together with my mum in BAKAT (a group of army wives). That's how we came to know their family. They are Johorian from Batu Pahat. Both Kak Lina and I have two elder brothers and we are the youngest and the only girl in the family. Although she is a couple of years older than me but we were good friends then. Makcik Mah is a very good cook and her speciality is the johor food especially nasi beriyani, soto and lontong. Kak Lina's elder brothers, Abang Kamal and Abang Zahar are great artist. I still remember some of their drawings and sketches in my autograph book!

Anyway, when we returned to Semenanjung, we lost contact for a while until my parents moved to Pekan, Pahang and at that time Kak Lina and family have settled in Bukit Setongkol Kuantan when Pakcik Mat retired. I hardly see Kak Lina since I was in boarding school and later went to UK to further my studies. When I came back and my parents moved to Kuantan, our friendship resumed. I remember going for double dates with Kak Lina at Pantai Batu Hitam. Kak Lina married to Abang Taslim few years earlier than me and they now have twelve kids, the eldest is waiting for the SPM result and the youngest is just 4 months old!

I am always amazed with Kak Lina having so many kids to take care of. She used to work but later quit her job to take care of the children. Every time when I see her, there will definitely be a new addition to the family until I lost track of their names! They came to visit my parents on Sunday, 7 February 2010 and this time I managed to capture a photo of the whole family. I finally met Abang Zahar after so long, he is now married with two kids. I have not seen Abang Kamal for the longest time, he is now married with eight kids!

To Kak Lina and family, hope our friendship continues...

Kari daging, Masak Lemak Rebung, Ikan Siakap Sweet Sour, Kerabu Pucuk Paku, Gado2, Ayam Masak Kicap, Sambal belacan dan Ulam

Abang Zahar, wife dan Kak Lina

Abah dan Pakcik Mat


Uncle said...

Dear all.
Seronok kalau dapat berjumpa sekali-sekala. Uncle pun macam tu jugak.

IQ. I saw the klinik kesihatan padang matsirat yang kita pernah lepak dulu! Beras terbakar is just a walking distance away! Tak perasan ni banyak kedai makan...i'll try to snap some photos when i get the chance. In fact dari hotel cuma 5 minit!

DadaIQ said...

Hi Uncle
Lama tak dengar berita. Harap Uncle enjoy yourself in Langkawi.

Nanti bila kitaorang ke Langkawi, bolehlah you both lepak dekat tempat2 yang penuh dengan nostalgia tu.

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